Cat Acne is Real – The Surprising Causes and Treatments

Cat Acne is Real - The Surprising Causes and TreatmentsCat acne seems like an urban legend or the start of a joke, but it’s actually real. Thanks to Heather Peikes, VMD, Dipl. ACVD, at All Paws Dermatology and Allergy, the surprising causes and treatments are explained.

Just an FYI not only is feline acne real, it takes an additional 4 years of schooling to enter the world veterinary dermatology. Just like pimples and breakouts for humans, cat acne comes in the form of blackheads and pustular whiteheads. The issue typically appears on the chin and lips. “Acne can affect cats of any age or breed or gender,” Heather Peikes explained.

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Now that we know that just about any cat can experience feline acne, Heather reveals what we can do to prevent and treat kitty breakouts. “Clean your kitty’s food and water bowls often, and make sure they’re stainless steel or glass,” the expert shared. It’s a simple change that can help clear up your cat’s skin issue, but there are treatments for those stubborn skin blemishes. Ask your vet about pet-friendly medicated wipes to help your furry friend clear up his skin. If the problem persists, your veterinary dermatologist may prescribe more powerful antibiotics or steroids.

The causes of the breakout may be the key to preventing cat acne. In addition to poor exfoliation, stress, viruses, allergies, and poor grooming, the use of plastic bowls could be the culprit. Plastic is porous and tends to harbor a lot more bacteria versus metal or glass bowls. If you insist on plastic bowls, just make sure you wash them thoroughly and often.

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It’s important to keep your cat’s breakouts under control. Most pimples and blackheads are managed rather than treated with pills. Start by washing your cat’s problem areas with a mild soap. If the issue persists consult your vet who will likely help you pick the best topical treatment for your kitty. If left untreated, the issue could become worse and develop into painful and itchy infections.

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  1. Guest says

    Switched my one cat to glass bowls and the issue resolved itself.

  2. Guest says

    Now thats something I never thought of. We learn something new everyday. guess its pretty important to deal with too!

  3. sreekar923 says

    Now thats something I never thought of. We learn something new everyday. guess its pretty important to deal with too!

  4. Guest says

    I had no idea that cats get acne?! That’s crazy! Thank you for teaching me something new today!

  5. eliza_casipagan says

    Oh I never heard of that before, but definitely a good to know thing – how to deal and avoid it is essential too. Great post!

  6. Guest says

    We have three cats of our own and (thankfully) we’ve never experienced this problem. I wonder if my type A is a blessing in disguise because we have stainless-steel bowls that I was everyday and fill with fresh food and ice-water. My husband thinks I’m nuts, but doesn’t everyone want something cool to drink? x

  7. Guest says

    wow, been a cat owner and lover my entire life and never heard of this! It’s interesting that one of the preventions is plastic bowls – and it actually does make sense if you think about it.

  8. Guest says

    Wow, I actually never thought cats get acne. It must be difficult for them to deal with. Can cats even itch if the acne is itchy?

  9. Guest says

    Thank you for this informative post. I never knew this even existed until now. I think I should be more vigilant in noticing some signs of skin problems with my cats.

  10. Guest says

    WOW! I had no IDEA there was such a thing as cat acne!!! Next post should be about how to spot it or recognize it…. because this is so new to me. MIND BLOWN! Awesome post. This post is by Tamala Baldwin.. not sure why it’s popping up under that name.

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