Cat Yoga is the Genius Hot Trend Saving Feline Lives

Cat Yoga is the Genius Hot Trend Saving Feline LivesThe latest hot trend coming from California that is saving feline lives and it’s genius – cat yoga. Yoga is a fantastic exercise that helps you connect with yourself and relax. A cafe in Santa Barbara combined the benefits of yoga with the healing cuddles of cats and it’s mutually beneficial.

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It all started with the newly-opened cat cafe, Cat Therapy. The owner, Catalina Esteves, had the brilliant idea of involving felines during the yoga classes. It’s a bit like a Mommy and Me yoga class that allows you to practice yoga with your child. However, the genius part in Cat Therapy is the mutual benefits. Homeless cats from shelters take part in the class and they are all adoptable. The studio has only been open for 5 months and nearly 60 cats have found homes thanks to cat yoga. “Sometimes it’s love at first sight,” Esteves gushed to the Independent. “It’s beautiful to watch.

The cafe doesn’t just limit the experience to yoga. Guests can sit in the cafe and enjoy tea, coffee, and smoothies while socializing with cats in need of a home. So, instead of the cats waiting in cages, the furry friends are free to roam the cafe and make new friends or, hopefully, new families. The cats even get to roam free at night.

The Cat Therapy site explains, “We created this business with the purpose of raising adoption rates by connecting more people with shelter cats. Whether you are ready to adopt or you simply want to hang out and have a good time, your visit helps support your local shelter.

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Some things to think about when visiting the Cat Therapy cafe…

  • Don’t bring your current furry family members. Non-shelter cats are not allowed.
  • You might want to make a reservation. Groups are checked in every 75 minutes, so you might have a wait if you don’t make a reservation first.
  • You can schedule a private event! It would be a unique idea for a girls night out, birthday party, or any other event.

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