5 ways To Find Your Kittens A Home Without Taking Them To A Shelter


5 ways To Find Your Kittens A Home Without Taking Them To A ShelterHow do you find homes for kittens? So, somehow your cat got out, you had been procrastinating about getting her spayed, and a few months down the road you realize that her belly is growing bigger. Before you know it, you are the proud parent of 7 adorable kittens they’re so cute and fuzzy, but you know there is no way you can keep them all without your house turning in to a zoo and your landlord flipping a lid.

What now?

We always hear horrific stories about heartless pet owners abandoning kittens on the side of the road or dumping them at the pound in a box without so much as an explanation. You want your kittens to go to a good home, but you have no idea where to start. Well, lucky for you we put together a list of ways to help you find homes for your kittens!

Friends & Family

Have a little get-together at your house, “just because.” Don’t tell them its really a “Find Your Kittens A Home Party.” But, people are more likely to adopt one of your kittens if they see them in person. After snuggling and playing with them, the odds of them taking them home are much more likely. Even if no one at your little kitty soire takes one home, chances are at least one person there will know someone who is looking for a kitten and play middle man.

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Facebook & Other Social Media Sites

There are dozens of Facebook groups in your local area dedicated to pets and items for sale. First and foremost, don’t be greedy, there is no reason to ask for a price for your kittens – it is much easier to find them homes if they are free. But, you will be amazed by the amount of responses you will get by posting in a few local Facebook groups that you have some kittens in need of a good home. Of course, you will want to include an irresistibly cute photo in the ad.


Craigslist is another great outlet courtesy of the internet to help you find homes for pets. You will obviously want to chat with the people a bit that respond and feel them out before you hand over one of your beloved kittens – but you will most likely find at least two serious people in search of a pet.


Believe it or not, there are still newspapers being circulated and people do still read them. Especially older folks, who have soft spots for fuzzy little kittens. Check with your local papers and see what the prices are for the classifieds. Some papers even let you post free ads if they are under a certain word limit.

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Ahh, the good old-fashioned signs. Print up some flyers with your contact information and a photo of the kittens on them, and post them on local bulletin boards like in your libraries and banks, and any other popular buildings in your area. If you live in a rural area, you can even make a large wooden sign and post it in your front yard.

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