Do Cats Like Baths?

Do Cats Like Baths?

So, you’re wondering if your cat will thank you the next time you give it a bath? You might have to brace yourself for this one. In most cases, the answer is no. Most domestic furry felines do not enjoy the luxuries of a warm bath. The visions you’ve had of bathing your cute and cuddly kitty might just have to go up in smoke. Unless you want to risk the chances of getting scratched, it’s best to allow your cat to bathe itself.
Why Do Cats Hate Water?

They Hate Surprises

There are a number of reasons why your cat might not enjoy a bath. For starters, cats do not like surprises. Where do you think the idea of scaredy-cat came from? Going from dry to instantly wet can be traumatizing to the poor thing.

Drastic Change in Body Temperature

Putting them in water can bring down their body temperature quickly, causing them to dart out of the bathroom faster than you can say catnip. It might also take a while to get their body temperature back up to normal, leaving them on edge.

Hard to Get Dry

After taking a bath, it can be harder for them to get dry. They have several layers of fur, that left damp, can make for one grouchy “puddy tat.”

Cats Don’t Enjoy Scents

Does your cat stay away from the bathroom? It might be because it doesn’t like the scent left behind with the fragrance spray. Even if your cat enjoys the water, it may not enjoy the fragrance of the shampoo you’re putting on it.

Is Your Cat the Exception to the Rules?

Maybe you own a cat that already shows strange behavior and preferences. Just take Garfield for example, a cat that loves lasagna. You might own a cat that’s the exception and really loves to get wet. Talk about one peculiar feline! There are several rare breeds of cats out there that enjoy going for a dip.

A lot of cats love when their owners leave the bathroom sink slightly running. You can catch them wetting their paws and rub it all over their faces. There are no surprises, as their doing this on their own.

Do Cats Like Baths?

Start Bathing Them Early

If you’re insistent on giving them a bath from time to time, think about getting them used to the idea when they’re kittens. Introducing the idea when they’ve already become a full adult cat, is a recipe for disaster.

It’s Not a Bad Thing If You Do

While your cat might be extremely angry with you for a short time, it’s certainly not going to kill them. You don’t have to feel bad about cleaning them once in a while.

When You Should Clean Your Cat

Once in a while, your cat might have rolled around in something foul, or even after bathing itself, you still notice a lingering odor or residue. Desperate situations as these call for desperate measures. Whether your cat likes it or not, this situation leaves it with no choice. Your kitty is getting a bath.

For whatever reason, if you notice fur that is matted down and isn’t going back into place, this is another reason you might have to give it a bath.

Cats Bathe Themselves Often

As we’re sure you’ve noticed, your cat already spends a considerable amount of time each day giving itself a bath. They clean every square inch of themselves and are quite clean when they’re done. So, why deal with all the headaches and all the scratching and hissing?

For the most part, cats hate bath time. Do you own a cat that’s the exception? If you have any funny stories to share about trying to give your cat a bath, we’d love to hear about it.

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