Should I Bathe My Cat? The Benefits You Need to Know


 Should I Bathe My Cat- The Benefits You Need to Know

Cats are known for being notoriously clean creatures. After all, they seem to spend all day either washing themselves or sleeping. This means that we often assume that we don’t need to bathe our cats unless they end up getting into some kind of a mess.

However, there are plenty of experts out there that suggest that bathing your cat might be a great way to keep him or her healthy and clean for longer. Although bathing your cat might not be an everyday task, it is a fantastic way to make sure that they have that fresh, beautiful coat you love so much.

Bathing your Cat Makes Him Cleaner

Though it’s true that cats do wash themselves, this is a fact that’s often misunderstood. Cats don’t wash as well as we do. While licking his own fur will help to get rid of dirt, dead hair, and foot leftovers, this doesn’t mean that your cat will be as clean as you are. When it comes to keeping him or her free of hairballs and grime, bathing is the way to go.

Bathing a Cat Reduces Shedding

Have you noticed that you seem to live with a layer of cat fur constantly covering everything you do? Your clothes are covered in hair, your bed’s brimming with leftover fur from last night’s nap, and even when you’re making sandwiches you have to pick hairs out of the mayo. Bathing your cat can help you to fight back against this problem, by washing the dead hair away and reducing shedding. You can also help to reduce shedding by brushing your cat regularly too.

Bathing your Cat Makes Their Coat Healthier

Bathing your cat with a natural and proven coat shampoo and conditioner will help to make your cat’s coat and skin healthier. That means that they spend less time scratching themselves, and are less likely to suffer from dandruff. Combine this regular bathing with a good brushing, and you can ensure that your cat’s coat is tangle free.

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Bathing Cats Can Banish Fleas

If you’re worried about fleas in your home, then bathing a cat can help to alleviate those problems. If your cat already has fleas, then vets will often recommend that you bathe them using a flea-control shampoo. If you want to protect against fleas, bathing will help to wash away any parasites that might make their way onto your cat’s skin before they can multiply.

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You Should Bathe your Cat

Ultimately, it’s often a good idea to bathe your cat. While there can be negatives to bathing, such as the possibility that your cat might develop allergies to some of the ingredients in your shampoo, there are plenty of ways that you can overcome those problems, and enjoy the benefits of a healthier, happier, and cleaner cat.

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