The 5 Best Cat Scratching Posts

The 5 Best Cat Scratching Posts Cats scratch things to smooth and sharpen their claws, as well as helping them to stretch and flex their muscles. It’s a natural instinct, but it’s also a behavior that can easily ruin your wallpaper, sofa, or carpets. The best way to protect your belongings, is to give your kitty something to scratch that’s specifically designed to help him or her make the most out of their claws.

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Here, we’ll take a look at some of the best kinds of scratching posts you can get for your cat.

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1.    The Wall-Mounted Scratching Post

Best used on an area of wall where you’re not worried about losing out on beautiful wallpaper, a wall-mounted scratching post can be perfect for athletic cats. Available in a range of different sizes, shimmying up and down a strong wall-mounted post can be the best way to stimulate indoor cats, and make sure that they’re less likely to get their kicks climbing your furniture instead.

2.    Scratch Pads

If your kitty is constantly trying to trim his claws by scratching up your expensive carpets, then this could be the best solution. Lightweight and sturdy, scratch pads go on the floor and can be made with rope like a standard scratching post, or something more simplistic like cardboard. Many come with an attachable toy to keep your kitty entertained while they scratch.

3.    The Standard Scratching Post

Simple, but effective, the standard scratching post can be placed anywhere in your home. Most come with a toy attached to lure the cat to the post and encourage them to use that destination for scratching, rather than your walls or furniture. Standard scratching posts can be purchased in a range of heights, and are covered in sisal rope, with a soft carpeted base at the bottom for your kitty to stretch on.

4.    The Tiered Scratching Post

Perfect as a two-in-one way to help your kitty lounge and play, tiered scratching posts can be as simple or elaborate as you like. Often, they come with multiple soft areas for your kitty to climb to, and some will include small bed spaces or tunnels for your cats to play in while they work on sharpening their claws.

5.    The Furniture Protectors

Finally, if no matter what you do, you can’t seem to dissuade your cat from attaching your living room sofa, then your best bet may be to purchase a scratching post that’s designed to fit around the edge of the chair, and protect it from harm. These scratching posts slip neatly into place and allow your kitty to continue their favorite scratching habits, without damaging your expensive furniture.

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