Target Cartwheel Huge Discount Special – Mix things up with Meow Mix!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Meow Mix for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Target Cartwheel Huge Discount Special - Mix things up with Meow Mix!There are cat people and there are dog people, and in our home, we are 100% cat people. We love our cats so much, we treat them like our children, and we aren’t ashamed of it! Our little furbabies are truly members of our family, so naturally, they are treated as such and Lily, Cocoa, and Melo are spoiled rotten. It’s basically our cat’s house, they just let us live in it.

Like any sane cat owners, we want our pets to live long, happy, and healthy lives. And, a lot of that comes down to what they eat. When I shop for my cat’s groceries, I look for healthy choices that my kitties will enjoy, from trusted heritage brands, and one of their favorites is Meow Mix.

Meow Mix has been a household name for years, and I love that they have so much variety, not just a ton of flavors but also variations of food, like dry food, wet food, and treats.

Meow Mix has the perfect mix of real poultry and seafood flavors, Lily is rather picky and has always preferred seafood flavors over other cat food flavors. Luckily, Meow Mix has something for every cat and provides a variety, so I can mix it up for Melo and Cocoa.

I like to grab a case of Meow Mix’s Seafood Collection, which has three different flavors: Real Tuna & Whole Shrimp in Sauce (8 cups), Savory Morsels with Real Salmon & Ocean Fish in Gravy (8 cups), Savory Morsels with Real Tuna & Crab in Gravy (8 cups).

I am a diehard Target shopper and hopelessly addicted to the Target Cartwheel deals. I check the Target app on my phone religiously and try to catch all of their deals. There are some great Cartwheel deals available right now for Meow Mix, and you can save 25% off Meow Mix treats [which we go through a ridiculous amount of], 15% off Meow Mix wet cat food, and 10% off Meow Mix dry cat food.

Lily, Cocoa, and Melo are on a dry and wet food diet. They get a can of Meow Mix every night for dinner and have dry food for lunch. So, feeding three cats both wet and dry food daily can get a bit pricey, which is why I take advantage of Target’s Cartwheel deals on Meow Mix every chance I get.

Sure, your cats don’t NEED treats, but my three furbabies expect them. Melo would live off from Meow Mix Irresistibles if I let her, the chicken flavor is her favorite! And, she absolutely adores when I bring out the can of treats. Sometimes she even gets on the counter [which she knows is a no-no] and tries to push them off from the shelf herself.

Of course, Lily and Cocoa love them too, but treat time is my secret bonding time with Melo. She loves when I toss one on the floor, she chases her Irresistibles and bats them around with her paw for a few minutes before she chows down. Then she races back for some more and tries to climb up my pant leg if I don’t deliver fast enough.

If you are the proud owner of a cat or several cats like myself, then I highly recommend taking advantage of Target’s Cartwheel deals and scoring some Meow Mix at your local stores while the sale is on. And, if you haven’t tried Meow Mix for your kitties, grab some Meow Mix Irresistibles and give them a try. Your pets won’t be disappointed, and if they are anything like my Melo, they will love playing with them AND eating them!

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This video was filmed by Cats and Meows. All opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. Guest says

    I have a friend with several cats, and she always buys Meow Mix. I have to make sure she knows about this. Thanks a lot. She’s going to love this!

  2. Guest says

    I like cats but my husband does not so we are dog people and have two rescues. I don’t know a lot about cat treats and food but Meow Mix seems like a great choice for all your cat people.

  3. Neely Moldovan says

    Target always has such great deals. This is a great one for cat owners!

  4. Guest says

    I love cartwhee! We’ve saved a ton with it in just a short amount of time. Our cat goes crazy when he hears the crinkle of the treat bag.

  5. Tami says

    We like Meow Mix. Okay, not us but the picky cat! LOL I love to find discounts because this cat eats a lot.

  6. Guest says

    We have three cats. Thank god they eat anything and everything! Especially meow mix. We like saving

  7. kweni says

    Your cats seem to love them! I don’t have cats but my friend has 3 and will definitely recommend this.

  8. Guest says

    We have dogs, but like cats too. But my daughter has a cat so I’ll have to let her know about this deal.

  9. freebiescodescoupons says

    Your cats look so happy about their food. It sure sounds like a scored well on that Target Cartwheel deal.

  10. Guest says

    We have a dog and two cats who get along together very well. We do make sure they all get the best nutrition available. I will try this Meow Mix for my feline babies. I love that there is a soft variety. My cat, Bratinella only like soft food. This will be purrrrfect for her. 🙂

  11. Guest says

    I don’t have any pets, unless you consider my husband lol. If I ever do get a cat I will try Meow Mix first.

  12. Guest says

    Wow, now is the time to stock up on Meow Mix. I need to tell my mom about this deal!

  13. Teal Unicorn says

    I know Meow Mix is a top cat food brand. Glad Target has this discount.

  14. Guest says

    Target has so many amazing deals! My aunt is a cat lover so I’ll be sure to send this info her way. Thanks!

  15. Guest says

    I grew up in a 100% cat house! My mom still adopts every cat that comes her way! She loves Meow Mix.

  16. melissablevins says

    I have seriously saved over $500 from using Cartwheel! Love it!

  17. Guest says

    My cats are such eaters!! Any time I can save money is fabulous. I do have Cartwheel, but I always forget to use it. I need to remember next time I go in. 3 of my 4 cats will eat just about anything! <3

  18. Guest says

    I have some kitties who might be very interested in this lol. Nutrition is so important for our babies! I will keep this in mind.

  19. Guest says

    I’ve given my cats some of Meow Mix’s treats and they absolutely love them. I’ll have to snag some more from Target!

  20. Guest says

    I love the picture of your cat with the food and her face! It’s the same face my dog gives me when I try to take a picture of her 😉

  21. Guest says

    We don’t have a cat anymore but when we did we bought this food.

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