A Rescued Cat Truffles Becomes An Ambassador With Tricks

A Rescued Cat Truffles Becomes An Ambassador With TricksA rescued cat often has a tragic background, and yet the capacity for love seems undaunted by kind humans who take them home. Truffles, who hails from Pennsylvania lives in Mechanicsburg, just outside of Pittsburgh and she’s famous for several very good reasons. She’s an ambassador and she does tricks.

Rescued Cat Is An Ambassador

Maybe you heard about the news that cats might be useful animals when it comes to helping autistic people relax and enjoy the pleasure of a cat cuddle. Well, those cats need to be of a special personality. However, Truffles does many more tricks than just being sweet-natured and loving. Mind you, that’s not to diss cats with those traits. Who doesn’t love a cuddle and bit of love now and then?

Sometimes, when rescued cats go home with their owners, people can’t get over why on earth the kitties ended up needing a new home. From abandonment to death, to incompatibility with a child, or even fear of disease, they end up alone. The backstory to Truffles doesn’t indicate why or how she was rescued, but she’s now an ambassador for eyewear.

Rescued Cat Truffles Does Tricks

Truffles has a page on Instagram and there are plenty of photos of the beautiful black cat with white paws and a blaze on her chest. Her profile says, “Truffles, she’s no ordinary kitty. She’s sweet, smart & helps kids wear glasses.” Furthermore, she holds down a job as an eyewear ambassador at “A Child’s Eyes.” 

Rescued Cat Truffles Becomes An Ambassador With Tricks
truffles_the_kitty – Instagram

The rescued cat went home with her new owner, Danielle Crull who happens to be an optician. Obviously, kids who visit love meeting Truffles. More so, because she also does tricks. The super-smart and trendy cat can do high-fives, shake hands, and will sit on instruction.

A Service Animal Helps Kids Who Need To Wear Glasses

Obviously, the chance to meet a rescued cat that does tricks and wears eyeglasses and patches helps to make the visit fun rather than daunting. Additionally, kids often have problems at school if they are different from the rest. So, imagine a little one going off to daycare or class and telling the others that they met a cat that does tricks!

Actually, it seems like Truffles was destined to be saved to help kids. As you can see in the video below, she doesn’t look stressed. Clearly, this cat takes her job as an ambassador very seriously.

We’re willing to bet that when it’s time for a return visit to the optician, the kids need very little purr-suasion. What do you think? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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