The Best Cat Grooming Products

The average kitty cat is infamous for grooming itself on a regular basis. If they’re not sleeping, it seems as though they’re constantly washing themselves to keep that coat looking sleek and shiny. Of course, as wonderful as your cat might be at cleaning and preening, sometimes he or she might need a little help to stay looking, feeling, and smelling great. With that in mind, here are a few simple, yet effective tools that could help.

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1. Four Paws Magic Coat

Ideal for long-haired cats and those that frequently suffer from mats and knots in their fur, this comb reaches beneath the top layer of hair to the places your kitty can’t reach. It eliminates stubborn knots instantly without causing any damage to your kitty’s sensitive skin! Find it here!

2. Kitty Tongue Gentle Cat Grooming Glove

You might have tried grooming kitty with brushes and combs in the past and found that he or she simply doesn’t trust a plastic object coming towards them. If that’s the case, this gentle grooming glove is the perfect solution. The Velcro-like surfaces around the globe feel like a cat’s tongue, which reminds the kitty of being groomed as a kitten by their mother.

3. Omega Paw Arch Groomer

If your cat’s the “independent” type who prefers to groom him or herself, then this could be the perfect solution. The cat simply rubs up against the rubber bristles which helps to remove loose fur from their coat while they get a great massage too! Find it here.

4. Pro Pet Professional Nail Clippers

While you should never try to declaw your cat, it can be useful to help him or her deal with over-grown claws before they become a problem. The Pro Pet Works professional nail clippers have been approved by vets across the nation, and they have a quick safety guard too, so you don’t have to worry about clipping too far!

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5. Veterinarian’s Best Waterless Bath

Finally, if you want to help your cat stay clean and beautiful, but you’re a little concerned about the concept of having to put him or her in a bathtub, this could be the perfect solution. The bath formula cleanses your cat’s fur for a shiny moisturized coat – water free. Get it here.

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