The Best Litter Boxes for your Kitty

The Best Litter Boxes for your KittyCleaning out cat litter isn’t exactly the most exciting task in the world, but it’s something that you agree to tackle when you choose to adopt a cat. Finding the right litter box can not only make the rather fragrant job of dealing with cat business much simpler, but it can also help to ensure that your cat actually uses their litter tray, rather than choosing to go on the floor or in your freshly-washed sheets instead.

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These litter trays are the latest and greatest in odor-reducing and work-reducing cat litter technology. They help to limit the amount of cleanup you have to do, while keeping kitty happy too!

The Tidy Cats Cat Litter System

An all-in-one solution for cat litter, the Tidy Cats Litter system allows pellets to capture solid waste on top, while letting liquid waste pass through to the absorbent pad below. The easy-to-maintain litter box helps to ensure an odor-free solution for litter use that means you don’t have to constantly change litter all the time!

The Van Ness Sifting Cat Litter

Avoid scooping entirely with the Van Ness sifting system. The cleverly designed unit comes with stacking systems that allow you to simply lift up the top layer of the tray to sift through the litter and remove the waste in one easy move. There’s no more scraping through litter with a scoop, and you’ll be able to minimize the amount you spend on extra cat litter too!

Iris Open Top Litter Box System

Simple, but effective, this open-top cat litter box kit comes with a shield surrounding that prevents your cat from kicking excess litter onto the floor when they’re doing their business. It’s easy to clean and maintain, and comes with a matching scoop too!

The Scoop Free Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Perhaps the fanciest litter box you’ll ever see on the market, this self-cleaning system simply clears away the waste on your behalf so you never have to touch, or see smelly droppings. It comes with crystal litter to dehydrate waste and absorb urine for the instant removal of odors!

Modkat Litter Box

Finally, designed to prevent litter tracking and give your cat a little privacy when he or she goes to the bathroom, this stylish box-style litter tray is perfect for eliminating odors and providing a comfortable solution for your pet. It’s ideal for use in families that have dogs and cats at the same time, as it prevents your pup from sniffing around the litter tray!

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