My Cat is Teething, What Do I Give Him?

My Cat is Teething, What Do I Give HimKittens make an adorable addition to pretty much any household. When you get your cat from a young age, you get to witness the ‘growing up’ process. One of the most important stages of this process is teething. When your cat’s adult teeth come through, they will likely be in a whole load of pain. This is not a nice experience!

Some of the symptoms you may notice include drooling, bleeding, and crying. Don’t panic when you see these — they are not cause for major concern. Instead, there are a few things you can give your kitten that may well help.

Get a special chew toy

Of course, since every kitten goes through teething at some stage, there are many toys out there. You should opt for a soft toy that your cat can play with. Your kitten should be able to bite and chew this thing without it hurting them. Doing so will offer them the relief that they need.

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Pop some cloth in the fridge

Your kitten may well want to chew on a cloth as this is the softest, easiest thing to bite. You can help your cat out by popping the cloth in the fridge ahead of time. That way, the coolness of the material will help to sooth your cat’s mouth. Essentially, it will help numb the area and stop your kitty being in too much pain. Genius!

Feed them wet kitten food

When it comes to feeding time, you absolutely want to avoid dry food or even treats. While your cat will usually like these things, the teething process can make eating them very tricky. Instead, you should get some wet kitten food. (You can get this stuff from any pet store or, indeed, online!) Your cat should have no issues eating this stuff.

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Get a teething ring

Finally, there’s a product on the market that may help you through this time. If you find that your kitten does not respond to any of the above, you may want to get a teething ring. Many pet shops sell these things and they are often proven to be a huge help. Go on — give it a try!

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    […] Related: My Cat is Teething, What Do I Give Him? […]

  3. […] Related: My Cat is Teething, What Do I Give Him? […]

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    […] Related: My Cat is Teething, What Do I Give Him? […]

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