Why Does Your Cat Meow? 5 Possible Reasons


Why Does Your Cat Meow? 5 Possible ReasonsOne of the things that many cat owners complain about is the fact that they meow all the time. The sad truth of the matter is that some kitties are just naturally loud. Still, there are many reasons that cats meow all the time. If you’re worried about your kitty, you just so happen to have come to the right place. Here are some of the reasons that your pet is being extra vocal right now:

  1. They want attention

Spoiling your cat from a young age can lead to disastrous consequences. Make no mistakes, cats adore attention. If you give it to them on a regular enough basis, they will come to expect it from you. That can be rather bad news. You will now need to train your cat out of begging for your attention.

  1. They are hungry

A hungry cat is rarely a silent cat. All pet owners know this fact to be the truest of all. When your cat wants more food, they will let you know. You will often find that this is a constant, low meow. Sometimes, they will also stand by their bowl or by you when they make this sound.

  1. They feel threatened

If, for whatever reason, your kitty feels threatened, they may hiss and meow in a high-pitched tone. This type of communication is supposed to scare off any predators that may be lurking nearby. Now is not the time to approach your pet or, worse, try to pick them up. The point here is that you need to back off and let your pet have some time alone.

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  1. They want to be let in

Is your cat locked outside? Felines tend to think that they should have access to everywhere. Hence, they will often complain loudly if that’s not the case. When you hear your kitty meowing by a door, the chances are that they want to come in or go out. You should respect this and act as quickly as possible.

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  1. They are getting old

Sometimes, when cats age, they tend to get more and more vocal. Many vets say that this is normal so perhaps you should not worry at all. In all honesty, felines want to communicate with us and let us know how they feel. As cats get old, they have aches and pains. It could be that your cat just wants to tell you all about them.

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