The REAL Reason Your Cat Scratches Furniture

The REAL Reason Your Cat Scratches FurnitureYou love your kitty, but your furry friend may seem to have it out for your sofa or the piece of furniture that you just love. The real reason your cat scratches your furniture might surprise you. And, thanks to vets and cat behaviorists, we’ve got the details that may help you better understand your feline.

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Cat Texts

Ok, so it’s not a cute kitty emoji or text to your cell, but your cat is likely trying to send a message. It’s likely a territorial issue that lets other animals know this is their territory. It’s a visual that says, MINE. In addition to the display, cat paws have scent glands that are warning to animals other senses. Think of it as a scratch and sniff that marks their spot.

Cat Mani/Pedi

Cats can also be tearing up your favorite couch to removed their nail tips. It will encourage new nail growth and let them knead. Cats love to knead as a comfort and relief from that stressful day of being curled up in their favorite sun spot.

Emotional Release

Perhaps your kitty is attacking the arm of your leather sofa because of stress. Scratching can be an emotional release whether it be from anxiety or excitement. This reason might be more obvious than you think. If you notice your cat scratches when you get home – exited or a new cat or person is around – anxiety, you could narrow down the real reason your cat is scratching up the furniture.

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A scratching post is the most obvious answer, but you might find your kitty snubs it in favor of your expensive furniture. Make sure you use a post that allows your cat to fully stretch out. Also, place the post in his or her favorite spot. Your kitty will likely go to the nearest spot to scratch. Start by placing the post next to the kitty’s favorite piece of furniture and slowly move it away to your cat’s favorite designated hangout.

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  1. Sreekar Harinatha says

    Ya. Thats true. I had a cat Sunny. It always scartched more when it was irritated or wanted attention. Kinda like babies:)

  2. Guest says

    I only have ever owned dogs, but I love that our pets have such personalities and they let us know their preferences–sometimes in destructive ways!

  3. Guest says

    I don’t know if my cat is not normal or something but I have never observed her scratching our furniture. We got her a scratch post but she only uses it occasionally. I guess she is comfortable at home and does not feel any anxiety towards a new person or another cat.

  4. Niekartistiek says

    So true! Many people lay this kind of behavior with their pets, but I believe it has all to do with upbringing and how you are treating your pet. If a cat or dog is bored, it is more likely to destroy stuff it knows it shouldn’t. I believe it’s key to keep them busy and active!

    1. Guest says

      Our current cat gets tons of attention, gets a kitnipbox every month, gets attention from our dog. We’ve installed a birdfeeder near a window for him to view from his favorite chair in the den. I read another article that said cats will claw furniture the person they love sits on. That is exactly what he does. He loves our dog. He claws the area where the dog sleeps. He claws the corner of the furniture where I sit. Leaves everything else alone. I got special posts that match our furniture fabric for him to use.

  5. Guest says

    That was informative, I don’t have a cat as a pet, but still it was interesting to read as to why they behave differently sometimes and scratch the furniture. Shall share with my friends who have the same problem!

  6. Guest says

    This is so interesting! I don’t have cats, Im actually allergic, but I also would worry about my furniture too!

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