Outdoor Cat Safety: Tips for Saving Cats During the Winter

The cold and snow has come along with the holidays. The weather change means we all need to practice outdoor cat safety. Use these tips for saving cats during the winter season. Cats are nature-lovers and enjoy their solidarity, so if your cat or even your neighbors have outdoor cats these tips for felines who love the great outdoors could be life-saving. Cats may have fur coats, but they still need to keep warm.

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Knock on Your Vehicle

Cats are smart creatures and gravitate toward smaller spaces and heat. Your car may look like a great place to take a nap to a cat. The heat from the engine could come across as a personal heater for felines. It’s smart to knock on your car hood to wake up and alert your furry friends. Checking under your tires is also a great idea to see if your pet has snuggled up in the wheel well.


Even if you have a furry family member that loves being outside and religiously returns on a timely basis, it’s important you have an outdoor shelter. Emergencies happen and cats can get temporarily lost or distracted. Make sure you have an easily accessible outdoor shelter for your curfew-skipping cats. One common mistake pet owners make is building too big of a structure. A two feet by three feet structure that is about 18-22 inches high will be great for your cat and even a few friends. Also, avoid lining the shelter with conventional fabric blankets or towels that will only absorb moisture and create more cold and opt for straw – not hay. Location of the shelter is another factor. Avoid high-traffic areas. Cats love being stealth.

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Food and Water

It’s a no-brainer that your pet needs food and water. An awesome tip I learned from my vet is to warm canned food in the microwave. Place the heated food outside it outside (NOT inside) the cat’s shelter twice a day at the same time. Your outdoor cat is smart and will eventually learn a warm meal is waiting at lunch and dinnertime. Don’t forget to freshen water and ensure it hasn’t frozen over. And, obviously, don’t use metal bowls!

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  1. Guest says

    My neighbor takes care of a cat with no home with regular fatty foods. But it’s the winter now, should I be worried?

  2. Guest says

    I have 2 co-workers who recently had cats that went missing! They were found eventually but not after much stress. These are great tips.

  3. Guest says

    My mom takes care of many stray cats. I wish people would learn about their animals needs before getting them. Personally I am not a fan of outdoor cats

  4. Guest says

    We never let our cats go outside. I do see one cat around every now and then but other than that our neighborhood either doesn’t have many strays/wilds/ferals or they keep a very low profile.

  5. Neely Moldovan says

    Great advice! I hate seeing animals so cold outside.My dad has a completely indoor cat!

  6. Guest says

    Great tips. It’s so sad that there are so many stray cats. Even sadder that people keep their “pet” cats outside.

  7. Guest says

    These are all great reminders. We occasionally find our cat under the car. I will have to heed your advice of tapping on the car hood and checking the tire wells too because there might be stray cats or kittens in there.

  8. Guest says

    Knocking on the car is a great tip. I’ve accidentally taken my mom’s cat for a ride down the drive-way.

  9. Guest says

    I don’t have any cat becaus I am allergic. But this is interesting info

  10. Guest says

    have a heart and bring your cats INSIDE!

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