Is It Safe To Feed Your Pet Cat Canned Tuna?


Is It Safe To Feed Your Pet Cat Canned Tuna?We have all been there. It’s late, you’ve had a long day, and your cat is following you around the house and meowing like he hasn’t eaten since last week. You head to the kitchen and realize you are completely out of cat food, so you find a dusty can of tuna fish in the kitchen cupboard and pop the lid off and dump it into his dish. Cat food comes in cans that look like tuna fish cans, and half of the cat food you buy contains tuna. No harm no foul, right?

Are cans of tuna fish from the grocery aisle really intended for cats, though? While you may feel like a bad cat mom or dad, the truth is that your cat probably loves it when you are too exhausted to run to the store for cat food. Canned tuna fish is a delicious treat for cats. But, that’s just it, it should be a TREAT, and not intended for daily consumption.

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In moderation, there is absolutely nothing wrong with feeding your pet cat a can of tuna fish. However, you will want to make sure that you stay away from flavored varieties of tuna, which can contain a lot of sodium and additives. Chances are your cat is probably a bit on the heavy side and doesn’t need the tuna in oil, and you should stick to tuna in water, for obvious reasons.

Feeding your cat nothing but tuna could lead to problems in the long run. Nutritionally speaking, a high-tuna diet could cause some mercury issues. Plus, tuna doesn’t contain all of the nutrients and vitamins that your cat needs on a regular basis to remain healthy. And, if your cat is a bit of a diva, like mine, then too much tuna could lead to your pet being a picky eater and refusing to eat regular cat food – which is never a good thing.

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So, if you were feeling a bit guilty about feeding your cat canned tuna…don’t! However, it should be a treat and not a daily dinner.

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