Don’t Underestimate The Danger That A Cat’s Bite Can Bring

Don’t Underestimate The Danger That A Cat’s Bite Can BringIf you have a cat chances are you’ve been bitten and scratched a time or two. But you might want to rethink using your fingers and toes as toys, because cat bites are twice as likely to become infected as dog bites.

Although most cat bites are harmless, a cat nip has the potential to turn into a nasty infection that you’ll wish you had avoided altogether. Although both dogs and cats (and humans!) have mouths rife with bacteria, it’s the cat’s teeth that are to blame for the higher incidence of infection.

Take a look into your cat’s mouth and you’ll see neat little rows of pointed choppers! Those sharp little enamelled teeth are the perfect instruments for piercing skin and dropping bacteria down into tissues.

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According to one study, “80% of cat bites to the hand become infected.” Luckily most bites are minor and it’s doubtful you’ll face a run to the ER just because Fuzzy decided to give you a love bite.

Still, an infection can turn dangerous quickly if the puncture wound is deep enough. So, what’s a cat lover to if an adorable kitty is seeking a little attention? Luckily, a little common sense goes a long way!

No matter how cute and harmless a stray cat may look, it’s best not to reach out to pet it until you get an idea of its temperament. And what if your own cat loves to play-fight?

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It’s a good idea to train a cat to play with toys rather than your hands. Cats instinctually like to “attack” moving objects, especially during play time with its owner.

You’ll save yourself a lot of unwanted scratches, and bites, if your cat learns to strike out at a stuffed animal or a large feather, rather than your hands!

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