How To Make Preparations For Your Cat In The Event Of A Disaster

How to make preparations for your cat in the event of a disasterChances are you’ve thought about what you’d grab if you suddenly had to run from your house in the event of a disaster. Loved ones are first on the list, and if you have pets you’re going to reach for them immediately.

But how many of us are actually prepared to ride out a disaster with a cat? If an earthquake, fire, tornado, or hurricane hits your neighborhood, do you have the supplies your cat needs to deal with the subsequent disruption?

We all know how much cats hate disruption of any kind! Your cat will depend on you to help it survive and stay safe when disaster strikes, so lets’ take a minute to put together a survival checklist.

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The smartest way to store your cat’s emergency supplies is in a large, sturdy cat carrier. Having everything your cat needs in one place will make it easier for you to run or escape with what you need if disaster hits.

What should you put in the carrier? His usual food, and some water bottles, along with disposable dishes are a given. But you don’t know how long you’ll be dislocated, so it’s wise to plan for every eventuality.

Buy a disposable litter box, or simply fill a small plastic container with litter for kitty’s bathroom needs (don’t forget the scoop!). Stash an extra supply of any medicine your cat takes, as well.

Remember, cats are creatures of comfort so be sure to pack a blanket, a small toy or two, and a comb or brush.

Last but not least, be sure the carrier has a label with your address, phone number, and cat’s name on it, as well as a picture of Fluffy.

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The cost of having your emergency cat kit available and at the ready is worth the peace mind you’ll have knowing that your cat is taken care of if disaster strikes.

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