How to Kitten Proof Your Home


How to Kitten Proof Your HomeSo, you have a new kitten! That is awesome news but it is important to keep in mind that kittens are tiny and get into trouble fairly easily. Before you bring your new furry kitty into your home, you want to be sure that the environment and surroundings are safe for them. Here are some ways on how to kitten-proof your home.

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Living Room

Kittens love to climb and can do so pretty easily with their claws. So, be sure that the drapes and curtains don’t have any cords hanging, and if they do, be sure they are tied up. Also, there are some plants that may be hazardous to kittens. The ASPCA maintains a current list of household plants that are toxic to cats. Be sure that carpeting and rugs don’t have any frayed edges, since kittens can easily think of them as a chew toy and can be harmful if swallowed. Lastly, be sure that devices such as televisions, stereos, telephone and lamps do not have wires that are dangling from them.

Laundry Room

Cats love to be where it is warm and there is no warmer place than the clothes dryer, so be sure to check the dryer before turning it on. Also, keep laundry soap, fabric softener, bleach and dryer sheets tightly secured and on a high shelf.


Kittens love to explore so be sure that you keep all household cleaners safely out of their reach. Install childproof latches on cabinets to keep kittens out. Be sure all garbage cans have a secure lid or better yet, a latch on them. Keep all foods that are not kitten food out of their reach.


In the bathroom, keep the toilet seat down at all times, install a childproof latch if possible, so the kitten doesn’t jump or fall in the toilet bowl. Be sure all shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotions and cream bottles are securely fastened. Make sure there is nothing hazardous to your kitten on the floor like hair ties, bobby pins, dental floss, razors or jewelry. And be sure to keep all medications in a safe and secure place, out of your kitten’s reach.

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Be sure that you close closet doors and dresser drawers so your little one doesn’t get trapped inside. Be sure all electrical wires are safely tucked away and out of the kitty’s reach. Kittens sometimes like to cuddle up inside laundry baskets so be sure these are not laying on the floor.

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