Adopting a Cat for Christmas – Carefully Consider Pets as Presents

Adopting a Cat for Christmas – Carefully Consider Pets as PresentsAre you thinking of adopting a cat for Christmas? Make sure you carefully consider pets as presents. Welcoming a new fur baby into your home is a big deal and should be done for the right reasons in mind.

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Family Decision

In general, adopting any kind of pet into your home and family should be a family decision. It’s vital to involve each member of the family including children. Adoption is a big deal and it’s easy to get swept up in the thought of seeing your child’s surprised face when a cute little kitten wearing a red bow makes them smile on Christmas morning.

Consider Hurdles

Is there a chance of allergies? Is anyone afraid of animals? Will someone be home to care for the pet and give it the attention and love it needs and deserves? There are a lot of questions you should be asking yourself and your family to consider ever hurdle that might arise.

Financial Support

Something many fail to consider is the financial aspect of pet adoption. Beyond the adoption fee, there is daily costs such as food. Then, there are other costs of adopting a pet like yearly exams and vaccinations. You also need to have a financial plan for your pet’s unexpected needs like illness or injury.

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Another option to adoption is fostering. Most shelters will allow you to take the pet on a trial basis. Making sure your new furry family member fits with you, your home, and your family is everyone’s main concern. Also consider the fact that selecting your new family member should be a family event. Picking out that special pet is an opportunity for your family to experience the process together. Instead of already having the pet, consider giving a give certificate to a local rescue around a plush version of the pet you plan on adopting. It will be much easier to wrap and deliver the same surprise and joy.

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  1. Guest says

    Unless you’ve already been talking about getting a pet, and you’re committed to the work involved, I think pets as presents are a terrible idea. So many animals go to shelters after the holiday season is over.

  2. Guest says

    Cats are so adorable! They definitely have a personality all their own. Should we ever decide to adopt a cat, we’ll definitely discuss with the kids, and try to be proactive to combat any possible allergies.

  3. Melissa Chapman says

    I have volunteered for a rescue and strongly recommend fostering before adopting because it is a good trial period before the lifetime. These are great tips to consider before adoption but always consider a rescue.

  4. Guest says

    I think adopting any animal is a big decision. Now, that the kids are older, we will need to include the kids into the discussion.

  5. Guest says

    OMG, they are adorable! I am allergic so cold not do this, but I love kittens and would love to spend the day playing with them!

  6. Guest says

    As long as someone is fully committed to the care involved with adopting a pet, I think it is a fantastic idea, no matter the time of year. So many sweet babies need homes!

  7. Guest says

    These are some great sounding tips, I have to admit over here it can be quite hard to adopt an animal at Christmas as a lot of places don’t like to give them out in case people are just doing it for a gift that will be later passed aside, which is good.

  8. Melanie Poulos Walsh says

    Our dog passed away this year. I was kind of hoping my husband would get me a new pet for the holidays. We adopt so I’m hoping it’s still an ok decision. I’m not sure he’s on board yet though.

  9. Guest says

    Fostering before adopting is always a good idea. It lets you know how you and the pet are going to get along.

  10. AnnMarie John VA says

    Getting a pet is a huge responsibility and it shouldn’t be just something you give the kids for Christmas. They have to be ready for the things that come with owning a cat! I think these are good pointers.

  11. Guest says

    These are great things to consider. We thought about getting a kitten for our son for Christmas, but we travel a lot and have no one to care for it. A pet really is a huge commitment.

  12. Guest says

    Adopting a pet is a huge responsibility and needs a lot of consideration. Your post list all the perfect points to think about before adopting a pet.

  13. Shannon Graham says

    Pets do make great Christmas presents. But they are not an item or a toy, they require lots of love and affection!

  14. Jake Ferrer says

    I had adopted a cat last 2 months. I just saw him in our backyard and when no one claims i decided to adopt him.

  15. Guest says

    Aww, so cute! We thought about adopting a cat but I am not sure we are ready yet. I want to make sure we are all in it before a decision is made.

  16. Marceline Dementori says

    It’s not just about making a child or a family member happy because you got them a new pet, it’s also about them being ready for the responsibility. These are important reminders!

  17. redheadmom says

    Oh my gosh – that first picture is adorable! Adopting a pet is definitely a big decision and these are some great tips for those considering getting one for Christmas.

  18. Guest says

    This is a good post for people who are empaths to pets. Definnitely for the season give the gift of shelter to a precious kitty.

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