When Should Your Cat Be Spayed Or Neutered?

When Should Your Cat Be Spayed Or Neutered?Responsible pet owners know the importance of getting their cats spayed or neutered. First and foremost, the growing cat population is a serious problem, and shelters are crowded as it is. It only takes one escape for your cat to get pregnant. And, usually, that is exactly what happens – when female cats are in heat, they nearly break through the windows to try and get outside and find a tom cat.

The overpopulation of our feline friends is just one important reason to get your cat spayed or neutered. Once a cat is matured, and begins experiencing hormonal changes, they may become more aggressive, impossible to keep in the house, or even begin urinating all over your house.

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So, when should you get your cat spayed or neutered? Technically, a skilled veterinarian can do the procedure at any time. Most shelters spay or neuter kittens before they even reach the 2-month mark, to ensure that they are fixed when they are placed with a new family. Also, there really is no age limit, any full-sized cat can be spayed or neutered, however, it is recommended that you do the procedure when they are younger.

Veterinarians recommend getting your cat spayed or neutered around 4 months old. After 4 months old is when they will begin acting out in accordance with their hormones, depending on whether your pet is a male or female.

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Also, when you are ready to schedule the procedure, keep in mind that there may be a waiting list or you could have a tough time finding an available vet – so you will always want to start making the plans ahead of time, just in case you can’t get an appointment for another month!

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