Cat Obesity And Health Problems On The Rise: Are You Over-Feeding Your Pets?


Cat Obesity And Health Problems On The Rise: Are You Over-Feeding Your Pets?Are you over-feeding your cat? A recent study by veterinarians in Britain found that nearly half of all pet cats are morbidly obese. 4/10 house cats are considered “overweight” by veterinary standards, and that’s not a great percentage. We can all agree that fat cat are adorable, but is it time to put your family’s feline on a diet?

Like humans, every cat is different, while there are standard serving sizes – you will most likely want to talk to your pet’s veterinarian and get an idea of how much food your pet is actually supposed to be eating based on their weight, age, and several other variations.

What is causing this overwhelming number of overweight cats? It’s most likely a combination of cats living in-doors 24/7 and their owners leaving them an endless supply of food to nibble on all day long. It used to be common for cats to be indoor/outdoor animals. But, over the years, it has become less common for owners to let their beloved cats wander around outside aimlessly. So, your pets are probably getting much less exercise than they need. You might want to consider taking your cat outside on a leash for a walk or maybe investing in a cat tower for your pets to climb on and swing from like wild animals inside the house.

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We’re all guilty of it. Every time the cat’s dish is empty, we full it to the brim with more food. It’s easy and saves time, and your pets love having a bottomless buffet – but are you hurting them in the long run? Just like humans, cats should be eating 3 healthy meals a day, not nibbling all day long.

Every cat is different, if you think your pet is getting a bit on the pudgy side, talk to your vet about how much they should be eating. Just like humans, obesity causes a slew of health problems for your pets, like Diabetes or ever heart issues.

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