Kate Spade & Co. New Cat-Themed Handbags And Accessories: Combine Love Of Felines With Passion For Fashion

Kate Spade & Co. New Cat-Themed Handbags And Accessories: Combine Love Of Felines With Passion For FashionKate Spade & Co. has caught on to the cat craze. This summer cat lovers’ will be able to combine their passion for felines with their passion for fashion. For $300 you can have your own Kate Spade handbag with cat ears, cat eyes and cat whiskers.

Get out your credit card because Kate Spade has an entire line of accessories to go along with your cat handbag. The feline lover can indulge in such cat-themed accessories as rings, watches, cat shoes, T-shirts, cat cardigans and even shiny gold cat iPhone cases. It’s a cat lover’s paradise at Kate Spade.

The luxury brand has added the cat-themed fashion items to their novelty department. Every month Kate Spade & Co. chooses a selection of “quirky, whimsical handbags and accessories that look decidedly different than the sleek leather goods people associate with Kate Spade.”

So far this summer the company has featured grapefruit tote bags, banana pouches and parrot jewelry. These Kate Spade novelty items did not do well and actually dragged down results for the quarter said Chief Executive Officer Craig Leavitt on Wednesday, August 3.

Bloomberg reports that a conference call with executives of the company that the downtrend of the June sales was an anomaly. Now it’s cats and kittens to the rescue at Kate Spade.

The cat fashions and handbags from Kate Spade include Jazz Things Up Cat Earrings for $68, a Black Jazz Cat Metro Watch for $195, Jazz Things Up Cool Cat Francis tote bag for $228, Meow iPhone 6 Plus Case for $45.00 – and check out the online exclusive Jazz Things Up Pave Cat Bracelet for $58.

What about the Kate Spade Cat handbags? There is the Jazz Things Up Cat Small Hayden for $328, the Jazz Things Up Cat Cali for $348, Jazz Things Up Cat Coin Purse for $78. Both the Cali and the Coin purse are sold exclusively online.

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