Is It Safe To Dye Your Cat’s Fur? Think Twice!

Is It Safe To Dye Your Cat’s Fur? Think Twice!Is it safe to dye your cat’s fur? This has always been a controversial topic among animal lovers, and with Halloween right around the corner, it seems to be spurring quite a bit of disagreements on social media. There are pet-friendly dyes out there, made specifically for your pets, however it is NEVER okay to dye your cat’s fur with anything you would use to dye your own hair.

There seems to be a common and DANGEROUS misconception that if you use a natural hair-dye intended for humans on pets, they’ll be okay, just because it’s natural. But, if you believe this you are sadly mistaken. Just because a hair-dye claims to be natural, doesn’t mean it is okay for your pets. Most natural hair dyes contain essential oils which are actually deadly for small animals whose livers can’t metabolize the oils.

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When it comes to our furry friends, you should always be better safe than sorry. Are a few cute photos on Facebook of your kitty dyed a strange color on Halloween or any other holiday really worth risking your pet’s life? If you actually MUST dye your cat’s fur, and there is no talking you out of it, make sure you use a dye created specifically for cats – and take the bottle to your veterinarian and check with them to make sure the ingredients are safe before moving on with the process.

If you have dyed your pet’s fur and you begin to notice that they are acting strangely, wobbling when they walk, vomiting, or drinking water excessively, there is a good chance that the dye is poisoning your pet, especially if they have been licking the dyed areas of fur. Use a dish detergent like Dawn, and wash the dye off your pet as quickly as possible and take them to your veterinarian ASAP.

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