Here Are The ‘Human Foods’ Your Cat Can Eat Too

Here Are The 'Human Foods' Your Cat Can Eat TooOne of the things that people ask time and time again is what human foods cats can eat. It may surprise you to find that cats don’t always have to eat dedicated pet food. Oh no, they can have our food now and then too. Here are just some of the things that they can safely and healthily eat.

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Chicken Breast

Of course, there are few things that cats love as much as chicken. You should make sure that the meat is fully cooked (preferably boiled or roasted) before you feet it to your kitty. Meaty treats are nice for your cat but make sure that you don’t go overboard!


Here’s a key tip! If you need to give your kitty some medication, wrap it in a little cheese. Cats just so happen to love the taste of the stuff, which means that they will lap it up in mere seconds. Harder cheeses, such as cheddar and Swiss cheese, tends to work best.


As you already know, apples are an excellent source of vitamins. It may surprise you to learn that cats often need the same nutrients that we do. Slicing up some fresh apple for your cat makes for a delicious treat! Still, you shouldn’t give your cat this one too often. The glucose may just rot their teeth.

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Scrambled Eggs

Eggs are a great source of healthy protein. If you want to give your cat something that’s both substantial and tasty, try some scrambled eggs. You don’t need to add anything else to the mix — just keep it plain and simple. (Warning: Make sure that the egg is 100% cooked before you feed it to your kitty! Raw egg can be extremely dangerous to animals and so you need to avoid it at all costs.)


Cats absolutely adore fish and with good reason. There are loads of fantastic oils in fish that will make sure that your cat is as healthy as possible. You should make sure that the salmon is cooked. Again, this is something that you need to give your cat in moderation. It’s not an ‘everyday meal’ but it does make for a great little snack now and then.


Finally, if you happen to be a banana fan, why not share with your pet now and then? This fruit is perfectly fine for your cat and it actually has a whole load of vitamins in it too. While not all felines like the taste of this one, it’s worth giving it a go! You never know until you try.

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