How to Help your Cat Slim Down


How to Help your Cat Slim DownObesity can be a serious problem with some cats. It’s not just the concern that comes with your kitty carrying a few extra pounds that’s a problem, either. Overweight cats are far more likely to suffer from a host of diseases, including fatty liver syndrome, arthritis, and diabetes.

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If you’ve noticed your cat becoming rounder recently, it might be time to work out a kitty diet and exercise plan that will help her to slim down and become healthier. Here are a few simple tips that might be able to help.

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1.    Buy Good-Quality Foods

Some low-quality cat foods include more fat and “filler” substances that end up having an impact on your cat’s health. Higher-quality food has more nutrients, a higher protein content, and plenty of minerals to be digested, and it may prevent your cat from overeating.

2.    Stick to an Eating Schedule

Some pet owners assume that they should simply re-fill their cat’s bowl every time it’s empty, but this can be dangerous for your cat’s health. Make sure that you create a schedule for feeding – perhaps along the same times that you eat your own foods, so your cat knows when to expect meals, and their chances of over-eating is reduced.

3.    Give them Plenty of Exercise

Just because most cat owners don’t take their kitties out for walks, doesn’t mean that these animals don’t need exercise. Try to make sure that your cat is moving, running, and hunting for at least ten minute every day. If your cat is very obese, you might need to work up to those ten minutes.

4.    Make them Work for Treats

To encourage exercise, you can place cat treats, or even dry food into a ball or toy that is designed only to release food when proper play is initiated. This means that your cat has to work for their treats, burning off calories while they eat.

5.    Speak to your Vet

Finally, remember that simply cutting down food and improving exercise routines might not work for every cat. It’s important to consider your kitty’s individual needs, and speak to a vet about the steps that you might need to take to help him or her reach her ideal weight.

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