General Hospital Haley Pullos Is A Cat Mommy To Chloe, Wants To Buy Her A Kitty Yoga Mat – Photos HERE

General Hospital Haley Pullos Is A Cat Mommy To Chloe, Wants To Buy Her A Kitty Yoga Mat - Photos HEREGeneral Hospital spoilers tease that General Hospital actress Haley Pullos, who plays Molly Lansing-Davis on the daytime drama is a cat lover! Haley is the proud cat mama to a pretty kitty named Chloe, and she wants to get her a kitty yoga mat so they can do their exercise together!

General Hospital Spoilers – Did Haley Pullos Name Her Kitty After Castmate Chloe Lanier?

Haley doesn’t say how she arrived at the name “Chloe” for the shorthair tabby and white mix. She could have been named after Haley’s castmate Chloe Lanier, who played Nelle Benson Jerome although it’s not for sure. Haley’s Twitter account is full of photos with herself and Chloe the cat and she seems to be as attached of a cat mama as she can be. Haley mentions in a recent tweet that Chloe gets very excited when she does her Pilates exercise, so why not add yoga to the regimen?

Cats certainly can maneuver themselves into some strange positions, that are quite reminiscent of yoga poses, and indeed, there is a calendar of cats in positions that is published every year called “Yoga Cats”. Haley should take care that Chloe doesn’t get too excited about that Pilates ball, because well placed claws might suddenly leave her Pilates ball flat and Chloe hiding under the bed, or headed up the nearest tree if they’re outside at the time!

At Christmas time, Haley posted a sweet photo of herself and Chloe kitty snuggled up in front of a roaring fire, under a Christmasy looking blanket, with Santa Claus standing guard from the hearth of the fireplace. Other photos show her laughing and trying to catch a camera shy Chloe, who appears to be trying to get away! Haley sarcastically commented that she swears her cat loves her!

General Hospital Spoilers – Haley Pullos Has Many Selfies With Chloe The Cat

Haley has many selfies and photos taken by others with herself and her pretty kitty. Thanksgiving’s photo had Chloe much calmer and she might have even purred as Haley kissed her on the cheek. Maybe Chloe was full of turkey. Who hasn’t become sleepy after a stomach full of turkey! In another pose taken a few days before last Thanksgiving, she posted a close up snuggle where she says Chloe is her baby and hers only!

In March 2020 she is pictured standing with her cat and commenting THEY voted. It’s obvious she and Chloe are a constant team! It is difficult to determine from Haley’s tweets how old Chloe is, although she looks to be at least a year old maybe two. She has been tweeting about Chloe since 2019. She has nearly as many Chloe photos as she has baby photos of her niece Hannah, and that is a lot of photos! Haley may be trying to make her cat Chloe famous at least to her fans, while Haley herself is most famous in her General Hospital role.

Current storylines have Haley’s General Hospital alias of Molly Lansing-Davis trying to maneuver her longterm relationship with TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow) after confessing a one night stand to him that she had kept secret for months. She may have been keeping secrets in General Hospital, but in real life she’s certainly not keeping the fact that she adores her cat Chloe any type of a secret!

Stay tuned to General Hospital, and keep checking General Hospital spoilers frequently for all the latest news, updates and developments!


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