Best Ways to Pamper Your Cat

Best Ways to Pamper Your CatCats love attention just as much as we do, so naturally they love to be pampered every once in a while. Heck, who doesn’t love to be spoiled now and then? Here are some of the best ways to pamper your cat.

New cat toy

Cats love to play, so why not pamper your cat with a new toy? It doesn’t have to be anything expensive. Heck, most cats are happy playing in a cardboard box.

New cat bed

If your cat already has a cat bed, maybe it is worn out and a new one is in order. If not, try pampering them with a heated cat bed or an orthopedic bed.

New scratch post

Cats are natural born hunters, so one of their impulses is to scratch. A scratching post come in an array of designs and colors. Cats absolutely love scratch posts since they keep him from getting bored and they keep his nails and claws healthy.

Lots of cuddles

Cats love to cuddle and is an activity that doesn’t cost a dime. All it takes is a few minutes each day. Cuddling allows you to form a special bond with your cat.

Fresh catnip

Fresh catnip is part of the mint family and is something cats seem to absolutely love. You can give them fresh catnip by itself, or there are toys that contain catnip that will make your cat as happy as can be.

Gourmet treats

Forget about those treats that are loaded with artificial flavorings. If you want to pamper your cat, gourmet treats are the way to go. Gourmet treats are ones that are packed with whole ingredients like real meat, eggs and olive oil.

Window watching

Believe it or not, cats love to look outside and observe what is going on. Create a spot where your cat can perch and watch the butterflies, birds and neighborhood cats. Something as simple as laying on the back of the couch to look outside is enough to make your cat happy and content.

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  1. Chubskulit Rose says

    We don’t have a cat but wish we have, I miss having them. Sadly, hubby is allergic. Great tips you have here.

  2. Jessica Cassidy says

    Awww! that cat looks so purrfectly adorable. I love the colors. Unfortunately, we do not have any cat but two dogs instead that we both spoiled them to pieces.

  3. Teresa Martinez says

    Much as we would like to have an indoor pet like a cat in our home, my son’s allergy won’t be able to tolerate it. Guess we have to make do with appreciating cats from afar.

  4. Nova says

    I know not much about cats and how to pampered them, but through your post gives me an insight on how in case I came across with one.

  5. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen says

    I haven’t had a cat but I can imagine how sweet they can be and how much they need some pampering.

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