Avoid Feeding Your Cat Ice Cream – They Get Brain Freeze!

Avoid Feeding Your Cat Ice Cream - They Get Brain Freeze!Think you are having a bad day? Then you obviously have never witnessed a cat experiencing brain freeze. It’s hot, we’re all grumpy, even our precious little cats. But, this summer when you sit down to enjoy a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, we highly recommend you DO NOT share any with your feline friends.

This month videos have been going viral of cats experiencing brain freeze, apparently cat’s tiny over-sensitive tongues can not handle ice cold delicious ice cream. While the videos are pretty cute, we can’t imagine what kind of agony the furry stars of the videos must be in. After just a few licks of an ice cream cone, cats apparently experience extreme brain freeze, some of them are literally even paralyzed for a few short moments.

At this point, we’re not sure which is sadder – the fact that pet owners are intentionally giving their pet’s brain freeze just to get a few likes on Facebook. Or the fact that our cats will never get the same kind of joy out of ice-cream as we do. Can you imagine a life without ice-cream? Those poor things!

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While sharing your ice-cream cone with you cat most likely won’t cause any severe harm, other than a few minutes of painful brain-freeze, the Cats Protection Organization strongly advises against letting your felines indulge in the sweet treat, no matter how hot it is outside.

The Cat Protection Organization explained, “Cats Protection does not endorse feeding cats ice cream or other dairy products. Not only are they high in calories but around a third of cats can’t tolerate cow’s milk and it can lead to sickness.  We would always recommend a commercial, tinned or dried, meat derived diet designed for cats.”

Has you cat ever experienced brain freeze in the past? Did you ever share your ice-cream with your pet and get a similar result? Let us know in the comments below!

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