Which of These 5 Feline Personalities Does Your Cat Have?

Which of These 5 Feline Personalities Does Your Cat Have?Cat news reveals that every kitty has its own distinct personality. Even among siblings one feline may be a sweet cuddler while another may be a solo brooder.

The experts at Natusan have delineated five common cat purr-sonalities and what you can expect from each.

Professor Neville, a British animal behaviorist says, “Understanding your cat’s personality traits and recognizing their idiosyncrasies are essential ingredients in maintaining their health and wellbeing.”

“Even in the same household, and from the same litter, our furry friends can be like chalk and cheese when it comes to their individual behaviors and preferences. Like humans, the more we appreciate what makes them tick, the more we can fine tune our interactions, and create environments that encourage them to thrive by accommodating their social and emotional needs.”

So, which of these five cat personalities does your little fur ball have?

Bossy Pants

Is your cat a Bossy Pants? You know the type, the ones who are actually in charge of the house! These assertive animals have an overbearing presence hard to ignore and they use their will power to get you to do what they want. Maybe the stare at you until you cave, maybe they jump on you or wail to you until you give in and grab the snack can, they have many tools to distract you to the point of capitulation.

Which of These 5 Feline Personalities Does Your Cat Have?

Easy Going

If your cat is an agreeable, laid back type, you have a feline with an easy going temperament. Luckily such tame kitties are generally low maintenance, content and happy. Because they are not overtly territorial they do well as a member of a multi-pet households.

Spontaneous Spirt

Natusan research uncovered that one-fifth of British cat parents live with a spontaneously spirited cat. This cat is characterized by impulsivity and tons of energy. “Whilst all cats go through a “scatty” phase as kittens, some cats stay young-at-heart and keep their youthful exuberance. Particularly, it seems, in the middle of the night…”

Which of These 5 Feline Personalities Does Your Cat Have?


Just as is the case with their human parents, some cats are decidedly extroverted. You’ll know if your moggie has this personality if it is nosier, bolder, more curious than its peers.. According Natusan’s data, over one third of cat parents said their fur babies ran to greet them at the front door.

Extroverted cats can get quite chatty with their owners when they want something. “They learn quickly that we humans respond most to vocal communication, and that we pay them more attention when they ‘talk’ to us.”

Nervous Nellie

Nervous cats are the ones who run and hide when guests, and sometimes even those they know, come over. They are on the edge of anxious and prefer to watch from afar rather join in the action, or even sit next to a human.

If you have such a cat, “Be patient … never pursue them to force attention on them.”

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