Tidy Cats Introduces New Kitty Litter: Hilarious PSA Kicks Off New ‘Stank Face’ Campaign

Tidy Cats Introduces New Kitty Litter: Hilarious PSA Kicks Off New 'Stank Face' CampaignTidy Cats has new and improved pet products and have launched the new kitty litter with a hilarious video. Comedian and cat lover Angela Kinsey is the star of the ‘Stank Face’ PSA

The video begins with a very serious looking Angela ready to tell everyone that will not make them laugh. Every single day people suffer from an affliction that has no regard whatsoever for age or gender even in the safety of your own home.

What is this horrid affliction? It’s stank face. Angela moves through a series of photos set on easels. Each photo portrays a person suffering from stank face. “Once stank face happens to you it happens to everyone around you,” Angela warns.

But guess what! There is a cure for stank face and that cure is Tidy Cats new and improved kitty litters. You too can have a stank-free face life – and so can everyone around you.

In a press release Tidy Cat states, “The new and improved Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance and Tidy Cats Instant Action tradition and LightWeight cat litters now feature TidyLock Protection, which better absorbs liquids and features an improved deodorizing system that helps neutralize odors to stop litter box stank.”

You can watch the funny Tidy Cats Stank Face PSA starring Angela Kinsey on YouTube. The Tidy Cats campaign will include television, print and digital advertising.

Tidy Cats has also partnered with social media influencers Bunny Meyers, Cole & Marmalade, Big Daws, Eh Bee Family, Anna Akana and Tessa Violet on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in order to bring about a discussion on the issue of stank face.

Cat lovers can find the new Tidy Cats kitty litter with TidyLock Protection at retailers nationwide.

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