There’s a New 24/7 TV Channel Devoted to Cats

There’s a New 24/7 TV Channel Devoted to Cats

Ok, all you cat video lovers out there, and you know who you are: finally there’s a 24/7 TV channel devoted entirely to cats! That’s right, in addition to watching those crazy feline hijinks on YouTube, there’s a new way to get your cat video fix!

It’s called, Cats 24/7, and promises, “All cats, all the time. 24/7/365. We’ve got kittens too. Meow-mazing.”

This way-overdue concept is brought to you by the online television network, Pluto.TV. Finally! I mean really, what took so long?

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So, what can you find on this channel devoted to those furry felines? Well, park yourself and your favorite moggie (dogs allowed, too!) in front of your computer and you’ll find all the amazing cat shows you could ever want in one channel.

There’s lots of titles to choose from including, “Famous Felines,” “Scaredy Cats,” and even a show devoted entirely to cat videos, “Cats Gone Viral.” I think an online cat soap opera should be the next offering!

Think about it: hour after hour you can have Cats 24/7 playing in the background while you surf, work or clean up after your cat. Sure, YouTube videos and Pinterest GIF’s are great, but with Pluto.TV’s online channel you don’t have to search for content or hit the play button time after time. Aw, nirvana!

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So, what exactly is Pluto.TV? Besides being a cat lover’s best friend, it’s actually a free TV streaming service with over 100 channels to choose from. Cat fare on Cats 24/7 ranges from documentaries to cartoons, and yes, they even have a channel devoted entirely to dogs.

I’ve got another tip for you: if you like to switch up your cat shows every now and then, Pluto.TV is currently airing episodes of that endearing cartoon cat, “Heathcliff,” too!

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