Cat Declawing – The Painful Facts Including Which State BANNED the Procedure

Cat Declawing - The Painful Facts Including Which State BANNED the ProcedureCat declawing can be a touchy subject, the painful facts have caused a state in America to ban the procedure. Also known as onychectomy, declawing doesn’t just remove the claws, it’s so much more invasive. Please educate yourself and others with these painful cat declawing facts.

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The American Veterinary Medical Association, declawing is NOT a simple removal of the claws. It is an amputation and should be regarded as a major surgery. To give you a personal idea of what it’s like, if declawing was performed on a human being, it would be like cutting off each finger at the last knuckle. In addition to the amputation, the AVMA also states that “scientific data indicates that cats that have destructive scratching behavior are more likely to be euthanized, or more readily relinquished, released, or abandoned, thereby contributing to the homeless cat population.

Pain and Risks

You see, when you have your cat declawed, you are actually having your cat’s first knuckle amputated. In addition to the amputation, there are inherent risks and complications with any surgical procedure including, but not limited to, anesthetic complications, hemorrhage, infection, and severe pain. In fact, there is so much pain, that pain management is necessary – not elective – and required for this procedure.


Denver’s city council officially banned the practice of declawing cats on November 13, 2017. The ban was unanimously approved a first reading of the ban, 11-0. Will more states follow the ban? It’s a huge possibility. Currently, these countries have banned or have extremely stringent declawing laws that limit it to an extreme medical necessity: England, Scotland, Wales, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Slovenia, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia, France, Germany, Bosnia, Malta, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Portugal, Belgium, and Israel.

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There are ways to train your cat not to scratch at your furniture, but there are also nail caps you can apply to your cats claws. They even come in fun colors if you’re up for a cat manicure! The nail caps stay on for about four to six weeks and fall off with the natural growth of the cat’s nails.

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  1. Brandy says

    Growing up I knew many people who had declawed cats. I had no idea all about it, as I was super young. I do recall when I owned my first cat someone said I should have him declawed. He was an indoor only cat, afterall. I thought no way! And I didn’t do it. I couldn’t imagine!

  2. Neely Moldovan says

    Oh gosh I had no idea about any of this! We don’t hav cats but my dad does!

  3. Liz Mays says

    This is a helpful write-up. We decided against declawing our first cat. She keeps her claws retracted most of the time!

  4. Guest says

    Great post. I’m sad to say my cat was declawed in the front ages ago. 🙁 I won’t do it to any other cats in the future. Live and learn.

  5. Guest says

    Eee, I hate declawing. We’ve never declawed a cat.

  6. SahmReviews says

    I never realized it was so bad for the cats. I hate getting scratched, but will put up with it for now on!

  7. Guest says

    We once talked about declawing our cat. We never did and now we have clawed up furniture. Maybe we should try these.

  8. Guest says

    Wow…I have never had a cat and never knew it was so invasive. 🙁 If we ever get one it will be keeping its claws!

  9. Guest says

    I’ve never really been a fan of declawing. I think it is cruel and causes cats a lot of pain.

  10. Guest says

    My brother just got his cat some kind of plastic paw things for his cat. That way he didn’t have to declaw him, but his furniture also doesn’t get destroyed.

  11. Guest says

    Oh wow. I had no idea that declawing a cat was actually amputating part of its toes! That is horrible!

  12. Guest says

    That is hideous! I knew that declawing meant their claws were surgically removed, but I had no idea it was that brutal!

  13. Guest says

    I’m against declawing of cats! I haven’t always been, until I read and saw diagrams of the process.

  14. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I have two cats and would never have them declawed. I researched it when I adopted my two cats and was surprised with the information I found. Education is key.

  15. AnnMarie John VA says

    We have three loving cats at home and I can’t, for the life of me, even think about the idea of declawing them. They’re made to have claws and you can trim their nails if you want but never ever declaw them.

  16. Guest says

    We don’t have cats but have thought of adopting before. I always thought declawing is a common practice so it’s good to know that it’s actually banned in certain cities. Thank you for sharing this information.

  17. Carol Cassara says

    I can never, for the life of me declaw a cat. I think its cruel and it’s so unnatural. It’s definitely something that shouldn’t even be an option.

  18. Marceline Dementori says

    It’s good to know that countries have banned it, but it should be completely gone. I think it’s something that we should stop doing especially since it does more harm than good!

  19. Renee Lynn says

    I never knew the severity of the declawing. I am glad that they are starting to take a stand against this!

  20. Guest says

    I don’t have a cat, but I certainly wouldn’t declaw one. I just don’t think chopping up an animal sounds like a good idea. I think those plastic clips sound like a much better alternative.

  21. Shannon Graham says

    I think that is just the most awful thing ever. I could never do that to my cat.

  22. Guest says

    Great info. We have a cat but we just trip his claws, decided it was important not to declaw.

  23. Guest says

    I would never do that to my cat! OMG. That’s cruel! There are non surgical options we can take to prevent cats from scratching our furniture.

  24. Guest says

    I love the claw covers that they have now. Such a better option than having your cat declawed.

  25. Guest says

    My parents had cats the entire time they’ve been together and had to declaw them. This is some great information.

  26. Guest says

    My parents have had cats the whole time they’ve been together and they declawed their cats. This is some great information.

  27. guest says

    I have never declawed my cats (and there have been many of them) I think it’s barbaric. You can use a special tape (from the pet store) to stop the cat from clawing your furniture (they don’t like the feel) Our youngest daughter is a veterinarian tecnichian and won’t let anyone she knows, declaw.

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