5 Myths About Pet Cats

5 Myths About Pet Cats

Let’s face it… Cats have a bad reputation. If you’ve never had a cat before now, you may have heard a whole load of rumours about them. For some bizarre reason, people love to make things up when it comes to kitties. They have no issue spreading lies about them! Here are some of the things that you may well have heard that are 100% not true! Enjoy.

1. Cats are sly or vicious

One of the most popular myths about cats is that they are sly or vicious! Come on! Nothing could be further from the truth. These animals are actually extremely loving. Nothing makes them happier than being around people and cuddling them. If you find that a cat is vicious, it’s only because they feel that they are somehow in danger.

2. They always land on their feet

Don’t go around dropping cats. For one thing, it’s a silly thing to do and, for another, you could seriously hurt them! Cats don’t always land on their feet, despite what you may have heard before now. Sometimes, they can land on their backs and that can be seriously painful. Respect your kitty and don’t hurt them!

3. Cats can drink milk

One of the things that surprises a whole load of people is the fact that many cats are actually lactose intolerant. If you feed your cat milk all the time, you could be in for a problem! Kitties can only drink very weak milk (so that there’s not much lactose in it!). So, you should only buy special cat milk for your kitties.

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4. Black cats are bad luck

Where did this rumour come from? Many people out there think that cats that are black are bad luck! It’s not the case at all. When you have a black kitty, you will see that they are actually very adorable. When it comes down to it, no cats out there are actually bad luck. They are just all adorable. That’s a fact. You should always treasure your cats.

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5. When cats purr, they’re happy

Cats can purr for a whole load of reasons. Many people are under the impression that cats only purr when they feel happy or content. That is not the case at all! The truth of the matter is that kitties can purr to keep themselves happy when they sad. They also purr when they feel that they are in danger. These are things that all pet owners should keep in mind.

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