Why Does My Cat Sleep for So Long?


Why Does My Cat Sleep for So Long?Cats sleep, on average, for about fifteen hours every day. Some cats, depending on their nature, will sleep for twenty hours in a 24-hour period, which means that you’ll spend more time hanging out with a sleepy kitty than an active one. Of course, many people are left wondering why it is that their feline friends spend so much time in the land of nod.

Understanding the Cat Nap

As largely nocturnal creatures, cats are most active between the hours of dusk and dawn. Usually, the sleep throughout the day, and find their energy sometime around twilight. This can be quite shocking if you’re introducing a new cat to your home for the first time, as your kitty may begin to cause trouble quite quickly when you’re sleeping.

The Life of a Predator

Cats are predatory creatures, which means that it’s in their nature to hunt and chase things – usually during the night. Large cats like lions spend most of the day sleeping and hunt at night. While domesticated cats don’t always go out hunting, they still retain their wild streak. Even indoor cats will show the primal instinct of their ancestors by creeping around in the shadows and pouncing on their prey. Remember, hunting takes a lot of energy, which is why he spends so much time building up his reserves through sleep.

Cats Doze, Rather than Sleep

In most cases, your cat will doze lightly, rather than full-out sleeping like you do each night. When your cat dozes, he’s positioning his body so he can spring into action instantly. However, during deep sleep, cats experience rapid eye movement and dreaming, just like us. Usually, deep sleep doesn’t take place nearly as often as light sleep.

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Cats are Affected by the Weather

The weather can have a huge impact on your cat’s behavior. For instance, depending on the breed or age of your cat, you might find that your kitty is constantly sleeping more often during the winter than he or she does in the summer. Even if your cat spends all of his time indoors, a cold and rainy day will have him searching for a warm place to snuggle up for a few hours.

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The Active Hours

Cats are crepuscular creatures, which means that they’re active most often in the twilight hours. They prefer to lay low during the day and late at night- particularly when they’re kittens. However, cats are also highly adaptable and social. This means that your cat will often adjust their sleeping habit over time to spend more time with you.

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