4 Tips to Stop Litter From Being Tracked Everywhere

4 Tips to Stop Litter From Being Tracked EverywhereHaving a cat can be a real pleasure. What’s not a pleasure, though, is having kitty litter tracked all through your house. Other than being an absolute nightmare to clean up, if you accidentally step on this stuff, it will quickly make a real mess. No one wants or needs that in their life. Now, you may think that there’s nothing you can do about it, but what if you’re wrong?

There are actually some ways that you can deal with this issue quickly and easily. While none of them will stop the litter problem completely, they will certainly help. Here are just four little tips that you can try at home for yourself. Good luck!

Choose the right litter box

Let’s start at the very beginning — your litter box. The type of box that you choose will make a major difference to the litter spilling out. Getting a box with a lid and a door means that most of the litter will stay inside. You can also try using a deeper box so that the stuff doesn’t overflow when your kitty is doing their business.

Shop around online until you find a box that will suit your kitty. Remember, it’s absolutely crucial that you get the right sized box for your cat! Larger cats need larger boxes… That’s a fact!

Opt for heavier litter

How heavy is the litter that you use? You’ve probably never ever considered this fact, but it’s something you need to think about. Some of the fancy litter that you can get these days tends to be particularly light. That means that it doesn’t take much for your cat to accidentally walk it through the house.

Choose heavy kitty litter, such as newspaper pellets, so that it doesn’t move as easily. Just making this very small change could mean that you have less litter related problems. Phew.

Get a handheld vacuum

Of course, one of the easiest things you can do is deal with the litter the minute it comes out of the box. Having a handheld vacuum cleaner means that you can get rid of the stuff in seconds. When you see that there is litter around the base of the box, vacuum it up. That way, it won’t go further into the house!

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Buy a litter box mat

Finally, here’s a little tip that most of you just won’t have thought of. When you get your litter box, you should also consider getting a mat for it too. Rubber mats tend to hold onto pellets, which means that they are less likely to be walked through the home. You can nab these pet accessories online for next to nothing!

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