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About Cats and Meows

CatsandMeows.com  is part of the MLRP Media Group Inc and is for all those who love cats. If you are a cat lover then this is the place to be! Learn all about the care and feeding of cats. There are also articles on cat behavior, cat health, pregnancy and birth, vet care and of course our bond with cats.  Cats are so much more than our pets if you are a cat lover you’re hopelessly devoted to your kitty.  As Charles Dickens said, “What greater gift than the love of a cat.” 

What you will find At Cats and Meows (CAM)

You will find a treasure trove of useful information but at the same time you will find some fun and adorable things:

Cat Care – Explore our tips and advice for every aspect of your cat’s care.

Cat News – Here you will find general cat news, press releases, and other industry news.

Cat Products – Everything your cat needs. The latest cat supplies and accessories, including beds, bowls, toys and litter boxes.

Cat Behavior – Our advice on how to tackle some of the issues that can come with cats.  Biting, scratching, jumping on furniture and meowing.

Cat Adoption – Adoption is a milestone for many families.  Adopting a pet can be a rewarding experience we share how to prepared your home and yourself for the new kitty.

Cats of The World – Cats have an amazing variety of breeds and colors to enchant us.  We share pictures of the different cats we have met on our travels.

Meet The Team


Annemarie is the owner/Editor of Cats and Meows.  A former University Professeur, Annemarie is always on the go and intrigued with all life has to offer.  She is quirky, awkward, spiritual, a massive film geek, animal lover, cat obsessed and lover of life.  She can usually be found at home with her family (her husband, daughter, 3 grandchildren, 2 cats, and one doggie!) or at a Starbucks. A true night owl…she lives on tea, tea & more tea!



Tanya is a freelance writer, educator, and therapist. She spends the days of her life caring for her bold and beautiful loved ones, she’s young at heart, very restless, and made her debut at L.A. General Hospital



Rachel is a freelance writer who writes for local, national and international publications.  Rachel has been watching and dissecting soap operas and their storylines for over 30 years and also enjoys watching and writing about night time soaps, too. A married mother of two grown boys who lives in New York, Rachel is ready to dish soaps, and the juicier the better.

Getting In Touch With Us

Now that you know what you can find on our blog if you want to get in touch with us to share your amazing products, to comment about on blog or just to say hello drop us a line at admin@mlrpmedia.com