Ways To Tell If Your Cat Really Loves You – Details Here!

If I told you that dogs are from Mars and cats are from Venus, you get my point exactly, right? These two loveable creatures could not be more different! Dogs fetch, cats watch you fetch. Dogs slobber and need to be let outdoors regularly, while cats groom themselves and do their business in a little box (they even hide their business lest it offend!).

When it comes to showing affection, you immediately know when your dog wants to give you a hug; cats, not so much. No worries, though, we’re here to help decipher your cat’s, “language of love,” and clue you in to all the subtle signs that say, “you’re the best, mom!”

Does your cat like to roll over and show you his tummy? Think of yourself as special! An exposed stomach reveals that your vulnerable cat feels safe and secure with you.

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This next sign of affection may get your, “ew,” instincts going, but trust me, if your cat brings you a dead mouse or bird, he’s really saying that you’re the bee’s knees!

You can also feel special if your kitty chooses all on his own to be with you. Cats living in the wild don’t sleep alone, so if your little feline likes to sleep with you it’s because he thinks of you as family! Aww!

Have you noticed how cats often groom each other? If your cat likes to give you a lick every now and then, take it as a sign of approval since it means he thinks of you as a fellow cat!

Does your cat like to rub its head and face on you? Doing so allows a cat to transfer a, “scent message,” that effectively marks you as their very own human! Trust me, it’s a compliment!

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Were you surprised to learn that some of your kitty’s behaviors are actually signs of affection and acceptance? We’d love to hear how your cat shows his affection in the comments section below!

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