Cat Owners Are Less Likely To Die Of Stroke, Or Other Heart Related Diseases!


Cat Owners Are Less Likely To Die Of Stroke, Or Other Heart Related Diseases!

Having a cat could save your life…literally! We love our cats, and now we have even more reason to. According to a new medical study, cat owners are more likely to live longer and healthier lives, and less likely to suffer from strokes and other heart-related diseases.

The American Heart Association recently revealed that pet owners over the age of 50 are more apt to live longer. A group of medical professionals decided to put their statements to the test and analyzed pet owners statistics and how their pets affected their life expectancies. According to their findings, female cat owners are 40% less likely to die from a stroke!

Of course, like any medical study, there are other members of the field that argue the opposite or claim that a correlation between cat owners and their health is unfounded. A lot of doctors have a hard time accepting something without a medical explanation. Is it so hard to believe that living a happy life, thanks to your furry friends, means living longer and healthier?

Obviously, there is no concrete medical reasoning behind why owning a cat would help your health, but we’re pretty sure that it can’t be a fluke. When you’re older and living alone, having a feline companion definitely livens up your days and gives you a bit of purpose. Plus, cats make the greatest BFF’s and if you have a feisty feline friend, you probably keep pretty active picking up after him or her.

This is great news for us cat ladies! Now, we have a legitimate reason for living in a house full of cats. If one cat reduces your risk of stroke, imagine how healthy you will be if you take care of three or four of them?!

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