5 Ways To Protect Your Cat From Fire


5 Ways to Protect Your Cat From A FireIn an emergency situation, would you know how to keep your cat safe? Often enough, people have fire plans, and yet fail to consider how the family pet factors into things. It is a grave mistake to make.

Remember, your cat cannot fend for themselves in this situation. They will likely panic and become trapped. That’s why you need to step in and help them. Here are some of the ways in which you can protect your pet from a fire.

Make sure that there’s an escape route

Is there a safe escape route for you and your cat? If a fire starts, you need to make sure that you can get out ASAP. This might indeed mean grabbing hold of your kitty and moving as fast as you can. It’s wise to consider all the possible escape routes in your home and how you can use them to get out when you need to the most.

Pay attention to open flames

Open flames, that you use for cooking, may not be that dangerous to you, but they could be to your cat. By their very natures, felines are particularly curious. They want to smell and touch all that they see. So, it stands to reason that they may walk up a flame and touch it. Yikes! When cooking, be sure to keep your kitty well away.

Install fire alarms at home

Do you have fire alarms in your home? Most households have these things these days, but you can never, ever be too safe. Ensure that you have a working alarm system and, crucially, that the batteries are still full of power. That way, you will know when there is heat or smoke in your home right away. It’s a simple and yet important tip!

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Get a home security system

You may even want to take things one step further when it comes to your home maintenance. What if you could get a security system for your home? These have cameras and the like that alert a services team when something is amiss. That means that there would be a team there to help you right away should a fire start. Genius.

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Pack a DIY fire kit

Finally, if you do have to escape from a fire, you need to make sure that you have a DIY kit with you. You can make up a small bag of things that are essential, such as clean clothes and toiletries. Also, make sure that you pack things that your cat will need. For example, you may want to get them some cat treats, food, or any medicine they take regularly. Thinking ahead really will save the day here.

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