Cat Vision and Eyesight Myths and Facts – Your Kitty’s Super Hero Powers Explained


Your cat’s vision and eyesight is amazing. In fact, your kitty pretty much has superhero powers and a vet has explained the myths and facts.

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  • Myth or Fact: Cats have night vision and can see in the dark.

According to Hazel C. Carney, D.V.M., MS, Dipl. ABVP, of WestVet Emergency and Specialty Center in Garden City, Idaho, yes, your cat can see in the dark. However, they have to some light to see. “The curved cornea and large lens direct light, and the pupils open to full circles to take in maximum available light,” Hazel explained. “The tapetum increases available light to the cat. This is an extra layer of reflective cells in the retina that bounces light back to sensory cells so the retina receives 50 percent more of the available light.

  • Myth or Fact: Cats are farsighted.

It’s kinda true! Technically, nearsightedness is defects in the shape of the lens of the eye. But, around 40% of cats cannot clearly see objects within a foot of their eyes. Think of it this way, a human’s vision is typically 20/20 whereas normal cats see about 20/60 to 20/100. But, when it comes to distances, the average feline can see up to 120 feet away!

  • Myth or Fact: Cats are colorblind.

Somewhat a myth, cats don’t see color the same way humans do. They have fewer cones than we do which allows them to see blues and yellows fairly well but limits their ability to distinguish between reds and greens according to studies.

  • Myth of Fact: Cats have almost a 360-degree field of vision range.

That’s nearly right! Cats have an amazing range when it comes to their peripheral vision. Kitties can see about 300 degrees around their heads. “Each eye sees about 155 to 208 degrees, with 90 to 130 degrees of overlap,” Carney stated.

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  • Myth or Fact: A cats vertical pupils serve a purpose.

Fact! Since a cat’s pupils are vertical, the shape allows the pupil to change size much faster than the round pupils. Which proves useful for sudden changes in light levels.

Your cat has amazing eyesight. Hopefully, Dr. Carney’s info was helpful in clearing up the myths and facts about your cat’s vision.

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