Can Cats See Ghosts – The Science Behind the Sixth Sense


Can Cats See Ghosts - The Science Behind the Sixth SenseWhether or not spooks are real is debatable, but as your feline friend stares off fixated on something you can’t see it’s not uncommon to wonder… Can cats see ghosts? The science behind the sixth sense theory may surprise you.

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Have you ever felt the hair on the back of your neck stand up? Or maybe felt a strong presence near you? Your pet may feel and even see the same thing. As we’ve discovered, cats have very powerful eyesight. They can see in low lighting thanks, feline’s possessing six to eight times as many light-sensing rods as humans.

Beyond their strong eyesight rods, cats can also see spectrums we humans can’t. In a study published by the Royal Society, it was discovered that cats are sensitive to and can perceive ultraviolet light. That means, if another presence is around, like a ghost, and shows up in the form of ultraviolet light, your cat can see it.

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Katie Armour, project coordinator for the MSPCA Boston Adoption Center explained the thought process behind a cat’s possible sixth sense. “Not only are they capable of seeing and hearing things that I cannot, they have marvelous brains that work in ways that we don’t fully understand,” Armour said. “When a cat is watching something that doesn’t seem to be there, or if they call out to us about this perceived presence, we should respect that not only are they trying to figure this something out, but they’re wondering if the situation is safe.

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Cats tend to be more curious by nature, so comparatively to dogs, this might be why the ghost detecting behavior might be more prevalent. Animal Planet notes that beyond detecting ultraviolet light, there is little research and facts to support the theory. Pet psychologist Marti Miller explained that both dogs and their owners possess a sense for the great beyond. “But humans judge or deny what they are feeling,” says Miller. “Dogs don’t judge what is going on in the environment. While our own minds start to analyze what is happening, dogs don’t do that. They feel the barometric pressure change, and may react by shaking, panting, salivating and feeling anxious, or they may not react at all.

What do you think? If there are spirits or ghosts…can your cat sense or even see them? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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