My Cat Hates My Boyfriend – The Reasons Why Your Feline Friend is Distant


My Cat Hates My Boyfriend - The Reasons Why Your Feline Friend is DistantThere are several reasons why your cat hates your boyfriend or significant other. The reasons why your feline friend is distant might surprise you. While most fingers tend to point to jealousy, there could be many reasons that answer the question, “Why does my cat hate my friends?”

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Cats love their space and it’s their space. When they rub against the chair, the lamp, and you, they are marking it as their own. Your cat has likely gone to great lengths to mark their space and when you bring someone new into their space, they might not welcome the guest simply because it’s a stranger in their territory.


Your cat may have habits and routine they like. When you bring someone new into the mix, it messes with a cat’s habits and routine. Conversely, your boyfriend or significant other may have habits your furry friend doesn’t like. So, when you mix two new worlds, routines, and habits together, it will likely take time to adjust.


While you may love your boyfriend’s cologne, your cat may hate it. It’s like a new smell that your cuddly cat hasn’t familiarized himself with. So, when your smelly new stranger starts hanging around, your cat may not be a fan until they become used to the new scent. Don’t forget that animals tend to have a more sensitive snout, so even just the smell of a body wash or a person’s natural scent can be an annoyance to your cat.

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It could be that green-eyed monster. Maybe you and your significant other are cuddled up on the sofa together when your cat wants to be cuddled in your arms. Jealousy will rear its ugly head here.

Basically, the short answer as to why your cat hates your significant other is because they might view them as a smelly disruption to their perfect little world. But, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck in single-hood just because you have a cat. Give him time and space. As your feline gets used to the presence of a new person, the habits will jive, the smell will become familiar, and the territory will eventually expand. Don’t force the bond between your boyfriend and your cat, but try to include kitty in some playtime with your significant other.

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