What To Expect When Your Cat Gets Older


What To Expect When Your Cat Gets OlderNo cat owner likes to think about their pet aging, but it’s an inevitability. After the age of 15 or so, your feline will likely show some of the common signs of getting older. Much of the time, these are nothing to worry about at all, but you ought to know what they are. Here are some of the signs of your cat naturally growing old.

Loss in appetite

Generally, cats love to eat a whole load. Your cat will usually eat as much as you feed them. So, understandably, when your kitty starts to eat less, it’s a worry. Don’t panic. Cats tend to need less calories as they age and that’s completely normal. So long as your pet eats a little often enough, you should have no problem at all.

Matted unkempt fur

This is a sign that you will notice as it’s not usual for cats. Felines are very proud creatures and, as such, they tend to spend much of the day cleaning themselves. When they stop being so thorough with their grooming routine, you will really notice it. So, when you see that your cat has unkempt fur, you may worry. You should help your cat to groom themselves by brushing them. They will love that you care!

Problems jumping

Most felines have an incredible ability to jump up onto high places. Still, as they grow older, some cats lose this a little. You may well find that your cat is slower than ever before and a little sluggish. Again, this is not something that you need to worry about too much. Just give them the love and support that they need on a day to day basis. That way, you can help them through the raging process.

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One of the most common problems cats suffer from when they get older is arthritis. You will likely notice that your kitty seems slow when moving about. If it appears that they are in pain, you should do all you can to help. Take them to the vets right away and get them checked over. The sooner you discover their medical condition, the sooner you can do something about it.

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Weight loss

Finally, one of the biggest telltale signs of your kitty raging is weight loss. Older cats tend to be much, much slimmer than young ones. Hence, you will see that your pet starts to look more slight than ever before. This is something that you really need to keep an eye on. Make sure that your cat is eating enough and seems generally healthy!

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