The Stages of Cat Pregnancy


The Stages of Cat PregnancyIs your cat pregnant? If so, it can be quite exciting; however, to ensure your cat receives proper care, it is a good idea to get to know a bit more about the five stages of cat pregnancy. You’re in luck. Here you can learn all about this time, what to do and what to expect.


There are some cat’s that reach sexual maturity as early in life as six months of age. While it is a good idea to seek spaying services early, if you haven’t done this and your cat is pregnant, keep in mind, the litter may have more than one father.

Earliest Stage of Pregnancy

Some are surprised to learn that some cat’s experience morning sickness during the earliest stage of their pregnancy. For the initial two weeks of this period, you may notice your cat eating less due to nausea. However, by week three, they should eat normally and begin to gain weight. Also, by the third week you may be able to feel the little kittens as they begin to develop.

Middle Stage of Pregnancy

During this stage, your cat is going to be gaining quite a bit of weight. The kittens will be getting bigger and she may look as though she swallowed a football. If you want to know the number of kittens that your cat is pregnant with, you can get the vet to do an X-ray.


This will begin about a week prior to your cat giving birth. At this point, her nipples will be visible and you may even see some milk production. She will also begin to search for safe and warm places to make a nest. You can help by making nesting boxes for her. Most cats will stop eating about two days before they give birth.

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Labor and Delivery

It should be obvious when your cat goes into labor. She will begin to lick her genitals and may even make noises indicating discomfort. Most cats give birth to the first kitten approximately an hour after the labor begins.

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It will be necessary for your kittens to stay with their mother cat for a period of eight weeks, but 12 weeks is better. After the babies are successfully weaned, they can find new homes, if that is what you want to do.

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