The Best Products to Keep Indoor Cats Happy


The Best Products to Keep Indoor Cats HappySometimes, the easiest way to protect your cat from harm and make sure that they’re not exposed to the dangers of the great outdoors, is to keep them inside. After all, there are some scary people in the world, and we’ve all heard the stories of cats being hit by cars or attacked by other animals in the wild.

Of course, while keeping your kitty indoors might be a great way to put your mind at ease, it also presents a unique problem because indoor cats require far more amusement and entertainment than outdoor kitties. To keep a dog entertained and exercised, you’d simply slap a leash on him or her and go for a walk – but with an indoor cat, the process is much more difficult.

Bored Cats are Unhappy Cats

Cats are highly-evolved predatory animals with agile muscles, keen eyesight, and sharp teeth. Just because you take your cat out of the wild, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve taken the wild out of the cat. Just imagine how bored you would be if you were stuck in the same house day in, day out without any entertainment.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great products out there that can keep indoor cats as happy, healthy, and entertained as their outdoor kin.

Treat Dispenser Toys

In the wild, cats are used to hunting and scavenging for their food, so why not make getting treats a little bit more of a challenge? Treat dispensing toys can allow cats to let their wild-side show by stalking, attacking, and finding their way into a chew-able item for all the treats they need. Plus, they’re pretty cheap too!

Interactive Laser Toys

If you’ve ever teased your cat with the dreaded “red dot”, then you’ll know just how effective lasers can be for exercise. Interactive laser toys are battery-powered solutions that can be programed to make laser patterns dance on the floor and walls in front of your cat, giving them hours of entertainment – without you even needing to be involved.

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Play Circuits

Play circuits are toys that your cat can play with alone, or with you – depending on your availability. Usually, these toys feature a track with high edges and small gaps in the top where cats can see balls or toys whizzing past. The track offers movement and sound that encourages a cat to give chase, just as if they were hunting animals out in the wild!

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Cat Grass

While the chances are that the diet you feed your cat is enough to meet his or her nutritional needs, cat grass can offer them an extra something special that indoor cats can’t seek out for themselves. Often, cat grass acts as a laxative, which helps to move hairballs through the system, and can contain some nutrients that aren’t part of their typical diet. In the wild, cats would chew on grass to get the same results, and since your kitty can’t go outdoors, the next best thing you can do is bring the outdoors to him!

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