Tips for Moving With Cats


Tips for Moving With CatsDo you know the best way to relocate with a cat? Very carefully! Seriously, cat parents know how fussy cats can be when it comes to their territory and routine. If you’re planning a move, here are some tips to help lessen kitty’s trauma, and ease your anxiety.

First off, make sure your cat has a chance to make friends with his carrier. This is especially true if he’s going to be cooped up in it for a long car or plane ride. It will help lessen his anxiety if he has at least some familiarity with his new, “home away from home.”

Once you and your favorite feline are in transit, do not let her out to roam around no matter how much caterwauling takes place. Operating a car with a crazed cat dashing about is a terrible, unsafe idea! The same goes for air travel; can you just imagine chasing your runaway cat all over the airport?

What do cats like more than their kibble? Boxes! Let your fur baby have some fun with the moving boxes prior to the big move. This gives him a chance to acclimate to some of the changes that will soon be taking place in his environment.

On moving day secure your fur baby in a room with his litter box, water and food until it’s time for him to make his grand exit within the safe confines of his carrier. And it’s not a bad idea to put a sign on the door alerting others to the mad cat inside!

Likewise, when you arrive to your new digs keep your precious one confined to a safe, comfortable room until all of the ruckus is over.

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Before you let kitty loose in his new home, do a safety check; make sure the screens are secure, and that there are no leftover traps or poisons for him to get into.

Does your cat have a feeding schedule? Try to stick to it during the move and once you settle in; I’m pretty sure your faithful friend will thank you for it!

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Like you, your cat will need some downtime to adjust to his new surroundings. But with a little patience and a lot of love, both you and your cat will be feeling at home in no time!

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