The Science of How Cats Form Relationships


The science of how cats form relationships

Are you a cat person? If so you know that cats have a reputation for being aloof and unfriendly. Which is a bunch of hooey, right? Cat parents know that their little bundles of joy are adorable creatures with the capacity for being just as friendly and affectionate as dogs. But have you ever wondered why your kitty seems to take to some people better than others?

Animal researchers have spent a good amount of time looking at how and why our furry friends create bonds with their humans. And the answers may surprise you!

According to scientists, the way we approach our pets makes all the difference in whether they respond with warmth or disdain.

Did you know that cats interact with humans based on a complex equation that includes gender, age and how much time they have available? In fact, scientific studies show that cats seem to have the best quality interactions with adult women!

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Why? Researchers believe that the ways humans approach their feline friends affects the quality of these relationships.

For example, adults usually get a cat’s attention before interacting with it, which allows the moggy to decide if it wants to acknowledge you, or keep pretending to be asleep!

In contrast, children (in particular boys) have a tendency to be more direct, simply reaching for or grabbing a pet. Everyone knows that cats like to first be addressed and recognized as the important figures they are, right?

But the differences in how we approach cats doesn’t stop there. Studies show that woman more often interact with felines on their own level, usually on the floor, whereas men are more likely to interact with pets when they themselves are sitting down.

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With all of these variations in approach considered, it should come as no surprise that cats tend to interact longer with their humans when they’re the one to initiate contact.

So, does this mean that society’s stereotype of the “cat lady” is true? Well if it is, score one for the ladies and their cats, because the bond between a pet and its owner is a very special thing indeed!

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