How to Litter Box Train Your Cat – We Have The Answers!


How to Litter Box Train Your Cat - We Have The Answers!

When you first get a cat, you’re tasked with one of the hardest jobs ever. It’s time to litter box train your kitty. Now, this is easier said than done for a whole variety of reasons. For one thing, your if your cat is older than a kitten, they may have gotten into some bad toilet habits. You could also find that they simply don’t understand why they need to use the box. Eek!

If you’re having problems training your cat to use their litter box, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got all the advice you could possibly need along with a few handy little tips as well.

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Choose the right litter tray

First of all, let’s talk about the type of litter tray you should get. Yes, there is a ‘right’ kind of tray and a ‘wrong’ kind of tray for your cat. It all depends on the size of your cat. You need to make 100% sure that your cat can fit in the tray and, most importantly, be comfortable. Basically, the bigger the tray, the better. What’s more, if you can get a cover for the litter tray too, this may give your pet the privacy they need too.

Then, choose the right location

Next, you should decide where you want to put the tray. Where is the ideal spot? Well, putting the tray in the corner of a room will give your cat the security that they need. You may wish to choose the garage or perhaps even the bathroom. While you will, of course, change the litter on a regular basis, you may find that it still smells from time to time.

Reward your kitty when they use it

When it comes to your cat using the tray, you will need to be as patient as you can be. It will not happen overnight. Instead, you should teach your cat to use the tray when possible. When they need the bathroom, place them carefully in the litter tray. If they use it, you will need to reward them. Giving them extra cuddles or attention when they have used the tray will help them to understand that it’s the right thing to do.

Avoid telling your cat off

If your cat has an accident in the house, your natural reaction may be to tell them off. Avoid doing so! If you tell your kitty off at this point, you will find that they get nervous about going to the toilet altogether. That may mean that they hide from you or even do it in ‘secret’ places. Trust us, that is the very last thing you want.

Keep it as clean as possible

Finally, during this whole process, you need to remember to keep the tray as clean as possible. Cats, by their very nature, are extremely clean animals. If an area appears to be dirty, they won’t want to use it. Change the litter tray as often as you can and also take the time to scoop it out! They should use it before you know it.

Good luck!

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