How Much Do Cats and Dogs Remember


How Much Do Cats and Dogs RememberDoes cats have a great memory when it comes to remembering mealtimes or where you hide his favorite kitty treats? Have you ever wondered why your kitty seems to remember some particulars better than others? We’re here to shed some light on what makes a memory meaningful for your fur baby!

Not surprisingly cats, as well as their canine frenemies, excel at remembering details crucial to their survival. For example, cats have excellent memory skills in regard to hunting (in other words, food!). cites two studies in which felines were able to recall which bowls had food, and which were empty, in a particular room even after being removed from the area for several minutes. This suggests that a cat’s short term memory can be counted on to find those hidden snacks you think are safely tucked out of sight!

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Cats also excel with spatial memories, which translates into superior hunting skills in the great outdoors. In one study cats did extremely well when it came to remembering what cups they had previously eaten from. This particular type of skill is useful for cats who must depend on hunting for outdoor food because it aids in recalling where prey has been found before, and what areas have been visited on a particular night.

So, how well does feline memory work when food is not involved? Would you be surprised if I told you not quite as well? When it comes to remembering where non-food objects are, the old adage “out of sight, out of mind,” applies!

In a study requiring cats to find an object hidden among various boxes, their memories showed a steep decline after just 30 seconds.

And sadly just as is the case with humans, feline memory skills appear to fade with age, with one study showing older cats are more likely to make memory mistakes than are younger animals.

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So, what does your cat remember above all else? Share your experiences with us in the comments section below!

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