Fun Tricks that you Can Teach your Cats


Fun Tricks that you Can Teach your CatsA lot of people assume that tricks are something you can only teach a pooch, but the truth is that your cat is also very capable of learning the same things. In fact, a lot of people believe that cats are actually smarter than dogs.

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The only issue is getting your cat to listen to you and follow instruction, but once you’ve got that down, and you know how to reward with treats, then you should be well on your way to teaching your kitty plenty of fun tricks, like these.

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1.    Sit

This is the most basic command that you can teach your cat. All you need to do is start with the cat’s favorite treat in hand above his or her head, then move your hand back towards the tail. This will encourage your cat to move back into the sitting position. You can repeat the word sit, and offer the reward when the trick is complete.

2.    Up

If your cat has mastered the “sit” command, you should be able to move her quite easily into the “up” position. All you need to do is hold the treat high above her head, repeating the word. Once she stands on her hind-legs, offer a delicious treat and some praise

3.    Fetch

We often consider fetch to be a game for dogs, but some cats really enjoy playing fetch too! Cats are hunters by nature and they love chasing after toys. The only real trick is getting your kitty to leave the toy so that you can throw it again. Simply throw the toy a short distance in front of you, and once your cat retrieves it, gently go and get it from his mouth and go back to the throw position. Repeat until your cat understands that when you have the toy, you can throw it for him.

4.    High Five

This is a really fun trick to teach your kitty. Just like with the sitting trick, simply hold a morsel of food above your cat’s head, and when he or she reaches for it, touch her paw to your hand and say “High five” before giving her the treat.

5.    Wave

Similar to high-five, and super cute too, when your cat is in the sitting position, hold a treat above her head. When she reaches out with her paw to grab it, simply say “Wave” and reward her with the treat. You’ll have to repeat this process a lot before your cat starts to associate the word “Wave” with the action, but it’s worth the patience.

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